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Two Fintech Partners Join Forces to Expand Lender Options for Reaching the Underserved

Partnership helps credit union lenders reach borrowers turned away by mainstream lenders in near real time

(Washington, D.C. – May 31, 2023) – Consumers denied a loan are at a fork in the road. The path they choose next can lead to financial hardship or financial health. To steer more turned-down borrowers in a financially healthy direction, fintech partners Konduit and Curu are putting credit union lenders directly in digital paths of borrowers who need them the most.

Konduit is a technology infrastructure company that connects financial institutions with the fintechs they need to serve modern consumers. Curu is a credit-access fintech that connects turned-down borrowers with the resources they need to achieve a loan approval. Together, Konduit and Curu connect applicants and lenders who need each other to create a financially sustainable future.

Curu joins more than 25 fintechs on the Konduit platform. Once onboard, Curu will enable Konduit-participating lenders to service turned-down borrowers in real time. In addition to linking borrowers and applicants, Curu’s financial wellness platform will also provide educational resources to improve borrowers’ credit access in the moment and into the future.

In recent quarters, loan declines have increased alongside rising interest rates and consumer need for credit. Complicating matters for the credit invisible, mainstream lenders are expected to tighten up their underwriting and origination strategies even more as a response to continued uncertainty.

“Economic conditions are felt most acutely by subprime and near subprime borrowers,” said Konduit CEO Nish Krishna, who added that Konduit client interest in lendtech solutions for underserved populations increased 60 percent in Q1 2023. “The first financial institution to say ‘yes’ to a borrower accustomed to hearing ‘no’ becomes a lifeline. That kind of mutual trust establishes a foundation for long-term loyalty and primary financial relationships.”

According to Krishna and Abb Kapoor, Curu co-founder and CEO, the two companies share a commitment to advancing financial inclusion, accelerating banking innovation and improving the consumer experience. By combining their technologies, the partners create a seamless experience for borrowers while drawing the lending industry closer to a more accessible system for all.

“Every financial institution seeks to grow its lending portfolio,” said Kapoor. “The most progressive and purpose-driven ones also seek to advance financial inclusion. This partnership uses real-time analytics and digital delivery to advance both ambitions simultaneously.”

About Konduit

A single API unlocks all fintechs on Konduit’s platform, enabling financial institutions to deliver the digital experiences today’s modern consumers expect. To learn more, visit

About Curu

Curu is a financial solutions engine that seamlessly onboards consumers into a user-friendly web app. Curu guides users through a personalized credit acceleration plan and matches them with financial solutions tailored to their goals. To learn more, visit


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