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Finopotamus Founders    

Finopotamus was created by three of the best-known journalists in the credit union technology space. If you have a press release or pitch you'd like us to consider, send it to Or if you prefer to work with one of our founders directly, feel free to use the email addresses below.


Over the past 17 years, W.B. "Brad" King has served as a technology writer, columnist and correspondent for Credit Union Business magazine and the Credit Union Journal. He has written on technology topics for leading industry companies and organizations, including The Credit Union National Association. Outside of the credit union industry, he has ghostwritten and authored numerous books on a wide range of subjects and is an award-winning journalist who has taught writing courses at New York University.

John San Filippo

John San Filippo

John was the marketing director for Symitar for 16 years. He was also the very first technology reporter for The Credit Union Journal and has written for every major credit union publication. In 2005, he co-founded Credit Union Business magazine and served as its executive editor for two years. Outside the industry, John was the editor of ComputorEdge magazine and also authored a number of mass-market computer books. He's qualified as an expert witness on computers and the internet in California Superior Court.


Roy has written about financial technology since the mid-1990s. He served as the technology reporter for Credit Union Times, editor of the Association for Financial Technology newsletter, managing editor for Microbanker’s financial technology newsletters, and as a contributing writer for CUNA, CUANY, Credit Union Business News, and the Electronic Transaction Association. He was the editor/publisher of Biometric Digest and has extensive writing credits outside the credit union industry. 

Finopotamus Staff   

Kelsie Pappenhausen  Social Media Manager

Kelsie Pappenhausen

Social Media Manager

Kelsie has more than a decade of experience in financial technology and banking. She was national sales manager for FinancialFeed and worked for Wells Fargo as a personal financial consultant prior to that. Kelsie manages all of our social media accounts and is also responsible for the content in the Finopotamus Press Room.


Finn O'Potamus

Chief Mascot at Large

Finn is the brainy, blue hippo who needs no introduction.

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