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Unique Advertising Opportunities for Visionary Tech Companies

Take a Deeper Dive

Marketing technology to credit unions is different than marketing technology to big banks. Whereas banks seek to satisfy shareholders, credit unions focus on improving the member experience. The credit union industry’s ethos of “people helping people” is demonstrated, in part, by credit unions’ willingness to share technology success stories with each other. 

In recent years, technology reporting specifically for credit unions has been increasingly inadequate. Some credit union publications are being swallowed by their banking parent companies, while others are eliminating their dedicated technology reporters in favor of less-experienced generalists. 

Finopotamus is the only publication, online or otherwise, dedicated exclusively to credit union technology. For 2024, we’ve created a number of advertising and promotional opportunities for forward-thinking vendors. 

To request a copy of the Finopotamus 2024 Media Kit, or better yet, if you're ready to advertise now, please email

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