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Zest AI’s Credit Models Proven to Increase Loan Approvals for Every Protected Class

Customer base has grown by 50% annually since 2020

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. January 31, 2024 — Zest AI, the leader in AI-automated underwriting, has grown extensively in the past four years as more and more lenders have implemented its patented technology that has proven to significantly increase loan approvals for protected classes. Zest AI has helped lenders increase approvals by 49% for Latinos, 41% for Black applicants, 40% for women, 36% for elderly applicants, and 31% for AAPI applicants, all while holding risk constant.

“The credit and lending system in America was created for a country that no longer exists, which means underrepresented people trying to secure loans are being disparately impacted by outdated and inaccurate data,” said Zest AI CEO, Mike De Vere. “Our mission has always centered around making the financial system more inclusive and these statistics are the proof in the pudding. Our AI-automated underwriting can accurately assess 98% of American adults, significantly increasing loan approvals with no increase in risk.” 

Zest AI has helped lenders assess over 39 million consumer loan applications in the last four years, resulting in $250 billion in loans granted based on Zest AI’s models. In the past four years, the company has also increased its customer base by more than 50% on average year over year, ending 2023 with over 175 customers, from some of the country’s smallest credit unions to the biggest banks, which collectively serve over 110 million people. The number of people evaluated for loans using Zest AI’s patented underwriting technology increased in 2023, with 22 million lending decisions made compared to 16.3 million in 2022. 

“Zest AI has been a critical partner helping us create a better economic future for our members,” said Darlene Johnson, Chief Growth Officer at Suncoast Credit Union. “Zest offers the best combination of technology and personalized service, allowing us to expand access to equitable credit for the communities we serve.” 

Zest AI has also expanded into new business lines. The company, which originally offered its AI-automated credit underwriting mainly to credit unions, now serves auto, home equity, community bank and small business proprietary lenders to help level the playing field for even more borrowers.

To date, the company has built close to 400 AI-underwriting models and secured 13 patents for its AI-enabled technology, with 29 more having been applied for. Zest AI has a 100% retention rate for its credit union customers and an NPS score of 81, which is among the top 1% of all companies. 

About Zest AI‍

Zest AI is a tech company on a mission to broaden access to equitable lending. Since 2009, we've worked with financial institutions to provide AI-driven credit solutions to their borrowers. Today we work with all types of lenders as a catalyst for economic equity by helping them leverage AI's potential for good. Learn more at Zest.AI and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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