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Nominations for the 2023 Finopotamus Tekkie Awards Close June 5

The 2023 awards, co-sponsored by Credit Union tech-talk, will recognize outstanding achievement in credit union technology in 2022

By Finn O'Potamus

Team Finopotamus wants to remind you that nominations for the 2023 Finopotamus Tekkie Awards close on June 5. The awards are co-sponsored by popular technology e-newsletter, Credit Union tech-talk. This annual award series honors significant achievement in credit union technology from the previous calendar year. The 2023 awards will thus recognize outstanding technology achievements from 2022. The nomination form is located here.

"2022 was a very busy and exciting year for credit union technology. W.B. King, Roy Urrico and I can’t wait to see this year’s entries,” said Finopotamus co-founder John San Filippo. “We’re especially jazzed about our two new award categories: Tech CUSO of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Tekkie award nominations are being accepted in the following categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • Core Integration

  • Digital Transformation

  • Fintech Adoption

  • Lending

  • Marketing and Member Communications

  • Self-Service

  • Tech CUSO of the Year

  • Technologist of the Year

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

The entry fee for each submission is $199 and nominations close June 5, 2023. Winners will be announced in July to mark the three-year anniversary of Finopotamus. Read more about the 2022 winners here.

About Credit Union tech-talk Credit Union tech-talk is a technology newsletter that goes out every week to over 14,000 credit union professionals and 2,000 FinTech vendors. Since 1988, we have served as a clearinghouse for technology information to the credit union movement. Our goal is to be a leading source of technology information for credit unions of all sizes. We provide the latest information on such topics as the Internet, online banking, bill payment/presentment, debit/credit and smart cards, technology training, conferences, vendors, hardware, software, security, ATMs/kiosks, wireless access, biometrics, call centers, imaging, plus technology and marketing/merchandising. Learn more at

About Finopotamus Finopotamus is an online publication created by industry veterans W.B. King, John San Filippo, and Roy Urrico to bring credit unions technology news and original content not found elsewhere. The publication looks at technology best practices across multiple industries to bring credit unions the broadest range of relevant information. Since its launch in July of 2020, Finopotamus has continued to grow in readership, recognizability and authority. The publication’s tagline is Fintech News for Hungry CUs. Visit Finopotamus at


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