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Empowering Generations: Liberty Co-operative Credit Union Partners with My First Nest Egg to Revolutionize Youth Financial Education in Anguilla

Phoenix, AZ – June 12, 2024 – Liberty Co-Operative Credit Union (LibertyCCU), the only locally owned financial institution serving the communities of Anguilla since 2018, proudly announces its partnership with My First Nest Egg, an award-winning digital financial education platform for children ages 3 to 13. This partnership highlights LibertyCCU's commitment to empowering its members to realize their dreams and create new opportunities for themselves and their families.


Having surmounted the aftermath of hurricane Irma and braving the challenges of the global pandemic, LibertyCCU has emerged as a guiding light, helping the island community navigate the pathway to financial freedom.  LibertyCCU’s leadership aims to provide vital financial education to every child in Anguilla with free resources available for families at home and in the classroom.

In response to the pressing issue of youth financial illiteracy, My First Nest Egg's co-founders, Nicolle Hood and Annie Shoen, developed an interactive learning platform designed to instill crucial money management skills in children. The new partnership aims to provide free resources for LibertyCCU members and the community at large, emphasizing youth financial education to empower the next generation.

"LibertyCCU is proud to partner with My First Nest Egg to deliver engaging financial literacy content in a fun and age-appropriate way," said Managing Director L. Vanessa Connor. "We are focused on educating and helping the next generation develop the skills that are needed for financial success. My First Nest Egg helps us continue our pursuit of financial wellness with the latest technology, specially developed with our youngest members in mind. We are bringing real value to our members with free financial tools and great savings programs that the whole family can enjoy."


In its quest to make life choices and dreams a reality for the people of Anguilla, LibertyCCU is already making a positive difference in the community through mentoring opportunities, helping to shape the lives of the next generation through its vibrant internship programs.


Now, through this collaboration with My First Nest Egg, LibertyCCU amplifies its positive impact in the community with a financial literacy program tailored to the unique needs of Anguillian residents and their children. LibertyCCU views My First Nest Egg’s extensive expertise and innovative technology as the avenue to achieving its overarching goal of building generational wealth by bringing financial literacy to young people.


CEO of My First Nest Egg, Nicolle Hood, highlighted the urgency of addressing the financial literacy crisis, citing potential risks to our children's financial futures without proper education. The partnership between LibertyCCU and My First Nest Egg exemplifies their shared commitment to financial inclusion and empowerment. By working together, they aim to equip Anguilla's youth with the knowledge and confidence to start them on the path to financial freedom.


About Liberty Co-operative Credit Union Limited


Founded by L. Vanessa Connor, Liberty Co-operative Credit Union Limited is a member-led, not-for-profit financial co-operative society duly incorporated, licensed, and regulated in accordance with the laws, provisions, and regulations of Anguilla. Saving has no minimum age, and at Liberty, the younger the member, the greater the benefits over time. Liberty is good soil to plant the seeds of saving in your child's life. We can help your Little Sprout grow to become a Savvy Saver.


About My First Nest Egg


Co-founded by mothers Nicolle and Annie, My First Nest Egg addresses the financial education needs of young children. Developed in collaboration with child psychologists, financial experts, educators, and parents, My First Nest Egg empowers families to instill healthy financial habits in their children through a fun and educational platform. For more information, visit and follow My First Nest Egg on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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