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Abrigo Launches Nationwide Network to Elevate Women in Banking

 AUSTIN, Texas – March 8, 2024 – In honor of International Women’s Day, on March 8, Abrigo will launch its newest client engagement initiative, the Women in Banking Network. This nationwide, free program aims to elevate the influence and role of women in banking by creating a supported online network of peers, mentors, and experts. The program will include virtual and live events to foster community and is open to all Abrigo customers.

“This platform allows women bankers and Abrigo team members to collaborate and have a seat at the table,” said Laurie Stewart, CEO and President at Sound Community Bank and a Women in Banking Network member. “It encourages a diversified approach that helps customers become more efficient and effective, and it's especially exciting because it provides an avenue for women in banking, finance, and tech to connect.”

The program offers the following benefits to its members:

·        Networking opportunities with other women banking leaders across the country

·        Mentorship for themselves and their teams, both within and outside their organizations

·        High-value speakers who share insights and best practices on leadership, harnessing innovation, career advancement, and resiliency

·        Connection to Abrigo Women's Group, an internal network of Abrigo's employees who support each other and the company's mission

·        Online private forum where members can ask questions, share experiences, and exchange ideas

The Women in Banking Network from Abrigo is a tremendous opportunity to tilt the scales for women and those who support them by providing access to other experienced leaders. It serves as a platform for women to share expertise and lift each other up in their roles.

“Leadership positions are never easy to attain, especially for women in financial services,” said Melissa Marsal, President, CEO and COO of West Town Bank & Trust. “I'm excited to be a part of it and encourage women in leadership to join us as we pave the way for the next generation of leaders.”

“Abrigo’s mission is to champion U.S. financial institutions and the communities they serve,” said Laura Broderick, Chief Marketing Officer at Abrigo. “Launching the Women in Banking Network allows us to support our 2,400 customers, and, in turn, their communities, by providing leadership and networking resources that help women banking leaders build lasting connections that drive long-term success.”

The Women in Banking Network is a unique opportunity for women banking leaders to grow their skills, expand their network, and advance their careers. To join the program or learn more, please click here.

About Abrigo

Abrigo is a leading provider of financial crime prevention, risk management, and lending software and services that help more than 2,400 financial institutions manage risk and drive growth in a rapidly changing world. We deliver transformational technology and product innovation, world-class support, and unparalleled expertise so that our customers can face complex challenges and make big things happen. Visit to learn more. 


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