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Your Marketing Co. Introduces Training for Immersive Member Experiences Creating a Consistent Brand Requires Seamlessly Pairing Marketing and Member Service

Never an agency to rest on its laurels, Your Marketing Co. is announcing the launch of a new offering tailored to unlock potential, inspire innovation and ignite positive change. Vice President of Brand Experience Frank Allgood will provide customized, in-person training to engage credit union teams to be more productive and crush their goals!

“When members engage with credit unions, whether on the phone, in person, on our website or via chat, that all relates to marketing,” Allgood explained. “We have found over the years that there has always been some disconnect between the member experience and marketing and brand. Ultimately, we're trying to help our credit unions create an exceptional member experience consistent with the marketing and brand."

Marketing and member service are interconnected and complement each other in numerous ways, both in-branch and online. Creating and orchestrating an overarching exceptional, memorable experience is to become “a premier experience-stager,” as Allgood refers to it, for the entire member journey.

The trainings are tailored to each credit union’s needs to drive meaningful change by unlocking potential, inspiring innovation and igniting positive change. They will help credit unions to better connect with the members through the complete member journey to enhance the overall brand experience. The ultimate goal is to differentiate the credit union in a way that creates a measurable impact.

The training is more than one-and-done. Allgood will follow up with leadership after two weeks, three months, and six months for 60 minutes via video conference to help hold them and their teams accountable for what they say they will do.

“I always say, ‘Brand is at the core, and around it are people, thoughts and actions,’” Allgood explained. “And a credit union’s internal brand is just as important, if not more important, than the external brand to creating immersive experiences, which is our goal for credit unions to maintain their relevance.”  

“I love what Frank is doing and how it ties into YMC’s ‘Think. Teach. Do.’ core values in 2024,” Your Marketing Co. President/CEO Bo McDonald said. “We want to do the hard work to help credit unions remain relevant – even vibrant. Credit unions have always prided themselves on member service, and I know Frank has the experience to help them polish it to a shine!”

Your Marketing Co. is a full-service strategic planning, branding and marketing firm serving credit unions that are not content with the status quo. Since 2008, YMC has helped dozens of credit unions grow their potential through strategy, execution and accountability. And we give a damn!


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