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Virginia Credit Union Expands Relationship with PSCU/Co-op Solutions to Include Contact Center Services

Expansion made possible by combination of CUSOs


St. Petersburg, Fla. — (April 9, 2024) — PSCU/Co-op Solutions, the nation’s premier payments credit union service organization (CUSO) and an integrated financial technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce it has expanded its partnership with Virginia Credit Union (VACU) to include contact center member services and support, alongside continued debit and credit card processing.


Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, VACU was founded in 1928 with a goal of providing members with the accounts, tools, education and resources they need to make confident financial decisions and maintain peace of mind that their future is financially secure. The credit union currently holds more than $5.3 billion in assets and serves over 327,000 members.


VACU was seeking a partner to quickly and seamlessly assist with its online banking conversion taking place in the first quarter of 2024, requiring a provider that could access its core while still maintaining efficacy. It found its fit in the combined PSCU/Co-op Solutions, as Co-op had access to VACU’s core while PSCU had the tools and staffing resources required to support the new line of contact center services. Together, PSCU/Co-op is authenticating VACU members using the MemberView tool – connecting through the Shared Branch network – and successfully meeting VACU’s requirements for this project.


“Our expanded partnership with VACU is just one of many examples of why PSCU and Co-op Solutions made the decision to combine, showcasing the true value of the combined organization,” said Rini Fredette, senior vice president, Contact Center Services & Solutions, PSCU/Co-op Solutions. “Separately, neither PSCU nor Co-op would have been able to support the VACU team as swiftly or easily, but together, we have the tools, technologies and expertise to offer credit unions new opportunities and solutions, ultimately helping credit unions meet ever-evolving member needs and expectations.”


PSCU/Co-op Solutions began providing contact center support to VACU in March 2024.


“As a PSCU Owner credit union for 40 years, we knew we had a trusted partner with a proven track record to aid us in the successful launch of our next-generation mobile and online banking solution,” said Chris Shockley, president and CEO of VACU and secretary of the PSCU board of managers. “The support we received from the PSCU/Co-op Solutions team speaks to what the organization has already achieved in integrating its operations following a successful combination. We’re excited to see how PSCU/Co-op Solutions will continue to leverage its products and services, industry knowledge, and people to help credit unions better serve their members.”


About PSCU/Co-op Solutions

PSCU/Co-op Solutions is the nation’s premier payments credit union service organization (CUSO) and an integrated financial technology solutions provider. With over four decades of industry experience and a commitment to service excellence and innovation, the company serves more than 4,000 financial institutions throughout North America. PSCU/Co-op Solutions leverages its expertise and resources on behalf of credit unions and their members, offering an end-to-end product portfolio that includes payment processing, fraud and risk management, data and analytics, digital banking, instant payments, strategic consulting, collections, ATM and POS networks, shared branching and 24/7/365 member support via its contact centers. For more information, visit and



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