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Veteran Innovator John Ainsworth Joins Board of CU Healthcare PayCard

PLANO, Texas—CU Healthcare PayCard, a credit card that enhances the healthcare payments ecosystem, solves medical provider challenges, and protects credit union members’ financial well-being, is excited to announce that John Ainsworth has joined its board of directors.

“John’s innovative mind and credit union heart make him a perfect fit for CU Healthcare PayCard,” Paul Clampitt, principal of CU Healthcare PayCard, said. “Consumers have specific payment needs when it comes to their healthcare, and bringing on John, a seasoned payments executive, will help take our organization to the next level.”

John Ainsworth is currently president/CEO of Bonifii, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) focused on delivering innovative applications on a global distributed ledger platform for credit unions.

He is a seasoned financial services executive with more than 30 years of experience with major financial organizations. Prior to Bonifii, Ainsworth served as executive vice president of North American markets at MasterCard Worldwide, managing the independent bank and credit union segments. Prior to that, Ainsworth was Mastercard’s senior vice president of global accounts.

“I’ve been involved on the sidelines with CU Healthcare PayCard as a partner,” Ainsworth said. Bonifii’s MemberPass multichannel member authentication platform recently partnered with CU Healthcare PayCard to provide fraud prevention support. “I’m thrilled to join the board of this forward-leaning medical payments company created to help credit unions better serve their members’ needs.”


CU Healthcare PayCard is the only Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) focused on bringing together payment and healthcare ecosystems. Our team has decades of knowledge in healthcare, insurance, government regulations, and finance to help support your credit union’s financial well-being and that of your members. Our mission is to introduce transformative changes to healthcare that benefit your members, healthcare providers and humankind.


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