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Valligent Launches ValPROTECT Warranty for Property Valuations

ValPROTECT helps lenders and investors mitigate monetary losses incurred by a valuation error.

Santa Ana, Calif., November 15, 2023— Due to increasing market interest in alternative and enhanced property valuation solutions, Valligent, a Veros Software company, has announced the availability of ValPROTECT Warranty (ValPROTECTSM), a solution that offers recovery of permitted losses in the event a Valligent property valuation is subsequently determined to have been inaccurate. ValPROTECT Warranty aims to provide lenders and investors with peace of mind knowing the valuation determination at time of origination is protected.

Adding the ValPROTECT Warranty to a Valligent property valuation can help mitigate losses for lenders and investors under varying situations, such as defaulted loans or when a loan is otherwise determined to be uncollectible due to a flawed valuation. The ValPROTECT Warranty is maintained for five years from the initial valuation run date, even when the loan is transferred or sold.

The ValPROTECT Warranty is versatile, it can apply to purchase and refinance mortgages, home equity loans, non-QM loans, and more. ValPROTECT Warranty can be added on to the following Valligent valuation products:

  1. Traditional Appraisals




  5. eVALSM




  4. Veros® AVM Cascade

  5. Veros® AVM Cascade + PCR

"Everyone is keen on protecting themselves from losses in the current market. ValPROTECT Warranty can reduce the lender’s financial exposure in a unique way and gives their loans potential for greater value in the secondary markets," said George Paquette, Chief Operating Officer of Valligent. "We are confident in our valuations and believe that the ValPROTECT Warranty will provide an additional layer of protection that can provide peace of mind to lenders and investors."

By covering a wide array of valuation products, ValPROTECT helps give lenders confidence to work with new valuation solutions they may have been hesitant to try, like alternative modern valuations.

"The ValPROTECT Warranty adds an extra layer of confidence for our lenders," said Sarah Acosta, Senior Vice President of Product and Data Operations at Veros Real Estate Solutions (Veros®), a Veros Software company. "Our goal is to help appraisers and lenders be as efficient as possible, and the ValPROTECT Warranty helps free them up to use more modern valuation solutions to their fullest potential."

To learn more about the ValPROTECT Warranty, click here.

About Valligent, a Veros Software Company

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Roseville, California, Valligent established itself as a leader in appraisal, alternative valuation, quality control, and Regulatory Audit solutions. Utilizing a combination of experienced property valuation personnel, automation, powerful functionality, and mobile technology, Valligent is dedicated to making the property valuation process simple and efficient for everyone involved. Valligent provides comprehensive valuation technology expertise and services to hundreds of banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies nationally. They have developed a state-of-the-art valuation technology platform, fully integrated with best-in-class data providers, Loan Origination Systems (LOS), and on-demand cloud computing platforms and API providers. Electronic Appraisal Solutions, Inc. is doing business as Valligent. Valligent was acquired by Veros Software, Inc. in 2022. For more information, visit


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