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SRM’s DigitalMAP Helps Credit Unions Excel in Today’s Digital Ecosystem

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb 27, 2023 –SRM (Strategic Resource Management), an independent advisory firm serving financial institutions and other industries across North America and Europe, announced that through the acquisition of Sievewright & Associates, its DigitalMAP is available to credit union leadership teams.

DigitalMAP helps credit unions understand the quality and competitiveness of their current digital capabilities and how they can drive further improvements. The assessment process is vital in developing a digital transformation roadmap or action plan based on a credit union’s strategic goals and appetite for innovation. The DigitalMAP assessment process has already been completed at credit unions spanning nearly all asset classes.

“A key challenge for credit unions is understanding how they can improve the overall member experience and compete with the ever-expanding array of digital capabilities offered by their competitors,” noted Mark Sievewright, Founder of Sievewright & Associates and Chief Credit Union Strategist at SRM. “Credit union leaders understand the strategic imperative of digital transformation, and DigitalMAP provides them with a unique set of insights and ideas on how to achieve their goals.”

DigitalMAP delivers the industry’s most thorough digital assessment to ensure credit unions establish a baseline. The DigitalMAP process helps credit unions answer several vital questions:

  • Where are we? This helps the credit union understand its role in the digital ecosystem.

  • What do we need to do? Credit unions frequently know they need to do something but are unsure what areas to tackle first.

  • How do we get there? Credit unions may not have the expertise to navigate the digital landscape and implement a comprehensive plan.

  • We’ve implemented; now what? Typically, once credit unions have implemented a solution, they feel they are done –when it’s just the beginning.

“The thought of a digital transformation can be daunting for credit unions, and the mere idea of where to start can be overwhelming,” said Ben Mrva, Chief Revenue Officer at SRM. “With DigitalMAP, we can offer them a proven approach to tackle these challenges, developed by Mark Sievewright – a highly trusted and accredited name in the credit union industry. We hope more credit unions in our network take advantage of this critical offering.”

About SRM

SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has helped 1,000+ financial institutions add more than $5 billion of value to their bottom line in areas such as payments, digital transformation, core processing, digital assets, and overall operating efficiency. SRM has lowered costs, created revenue opportunities, increased productivity, and provided a competitive edge for clients in an environment of constant and accelerating change. Visit for more information, and follow on social media via LinkedIn and Twitter for timely and relevant insights.

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