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Solutions Metrix Partners With Arkatechture

Solutions Metrix and Arkatechture are partnering up to empower credit unions with a comprehensive approach to data analytics, CRM’s, and digital transformation to enhance the member experience.

Arkatechture, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, has announced a strategic partnership with Solutions Metrix, a consulting and CRM integration organization. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of preparing data in a way that allows credit unions to take actionable steps, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for members across all touchpoints.

Solutions Metrix stands out as a service company, offering a unique perspective that goes beyond conventional software vendors. Their service-oriented approach, coupled with expertise in change management, user adoption, and executing full roadmaps for digital transformation, provides credit unions with the guidance needed to thrive in the evolving financial landscape.

Credit unions, particularly smaller ones, can now benefit from operational and analytical efficiencies that enable them to compete effectively with larger counterparts while maintaining a grassroots connection to their community.

The heart of the partnership involves delivering ready-to-use technology alongside valuable hands-on coaching. By addressing engagement disparities between branches and digital platforms, Solutions Metrix and Arkatechture are committed to elevating member experiences for credit unions. The two companies work together closely with each credit union early in their data journey to benefit from the full spectrum of capabilities offered by each partner.

"The goal of the partnership is to provide common expertise to credit unions so they can leverage it and move forward together to penetrate the market and have a unique offer that will, in their eyes, de-risk entering and managing a digital transformation project ," said Sebastien Forget, President and Owner of Solutions Metrix.

This collaboration positions Solutions Metrix and Arkatechture as a formidable force in the realm of integrated CRM solutions. Their competitive advantage lies in the ability to transform data into actionable strategies, including calls, workflow optimization, marketing campaigns, and digital initiatives. Together, they can harness information and translate it into impactful, member-centric actions.

"Many of our clients have never had access to data in the manner that we at Arkatechture are able to provide to them. They digest this data and understand what has happened, but what do they do with that data next? I think that Solutions Metrix, with the expertise that you have on how to set up a CRM for best practices, and how to drive proactive motions- is going to make us a really powerful team, so I’m really excited about that" added Tyler Schneider, Head of Sales at Arkatechture.

This strategic partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, excellence, and the shared vision of ushering credit unions into a new era of digital prowess. Solutions Metrix and Arkatechture are poised to revolutionize the credit union landscape, providing the tools, approaches, and expertise needed for a successful digital transformation journey.


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