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SMA Technologies Launches OpCon Outcomes

SMA has developed the first purpose-built automation-as-a-service platform for outsourced banks and credit unions.

HOUSTON – SMA Technologies, the leading provider of automation solutions for financial services and the maker of OpCon, today released OpCon Outcomes, a white-glove automation service designed to transform the way outsourced banks and credit unions approach automation. OpCon Outcomes offers a fully managed automation service that requires no IT expertise, enabling financial institutions to unlock their full automation potential and focus on high-value projects and initiatives.

"OpCon Outcomes represents a pivotal shift in the automation landscape for financial institutions," said Todd Dauchy, CEO of SMA Technologies. "Our vision is to empower these organizations to achieve their operational goals without the complexities and challenges traditionally associated with automation. By providing a comprehensive, managed solution, we are not just offering a service but a partnership that ensures success."

According to the 2024 State of Automation in Financial Services Report, the top challenges for financial service organizations with implementing automation are insufficient budget, lack of staff/project resources, and inadequate staff training. OpCon Outcomes delivers a personalized, scalable automation solution that caters to each outsourced institution's unique needs with a lower barrier to entry.

"The flexibility and scalability of OpCon Outcomes ensure that as our customers’ businesses grow and their needs evolve, their automation solutions can grow and evolve with them,” said Ryan Dimick, Chief Product Officer at SMA Technologies. “We are committed to providing not just solutions but the strategic value that enhances our customers’ business outcomes without the hassle of managing complex automation technologies."

OpCon Outcomes stands out by offering a suite of features designed to meet the comprehensive needs of financial institutions:

  • Dedicated Automation Specialists: Access to a team of automation experts who build and maintain personalized business workflows.

  • Managed Automation Discovery & Design: Tailored automation solutions that address specific business outcomes.

  • Last-mile RPA Functionality: End-to-end automation, including manual touchpoints within automated processes.

  • Secure, Cloud-based Automation: Industry-leading compliance standards with built-in disaster recovery capabilities.

With OpCon Outcomes, SMA Technologies is redefining the automation standard for financial institutions. By reducing barriers to automation, OpCon Outcomes enables outsourced banks and credit unions to harness the full potential of their operations, driving innovation while saving time and reducing costs.

To learn more or request a demo, visit www.

About SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies is the maker of OpCon, the leading workload automation and orchestration platform for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial services businesses. The platform delivers enterprise power and scalability without the complexity or cost. OpCon enables companies to easily automate manual tasks and seamlessly orchestrate workloads across business-critical operations, saving time and reducing costs by eliminating human error and redeploying IT resources to strategic initiatives. More than 700 customers trust SMA with their mission-critical operations. Please visit to learn more.


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