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SMA Technologies Announces Robotic Process Automation (RPA)... Streamline Financial Services Workflows

OpCon RPA addresses manual gaps, enables end-to-end automation, and increases the efficiency of individual employees across the organization.

HOUSTON, July 18, 2023 – SMA Technologies, the leading provider of automation solutions for financial services and the maker of OpCon Workload Automation & Orchestration (WLA&O), today announced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities for its automation platform for financial services. OpCon RPA enables clients to easily record and automate UI-specific workflows in Windows or on the web, ensuring smooth execution of financial services workflows that traditionally required manual intervention.

"OpCon RPA is our next step in providing our clients the most comprehensive automation platform to save time, reduce errors, and free their staff to work on more strategic initiatives,” said Todd Dauchy, CEO of SMA Technologies.

The release of OpCon RPA takes place amidst a diverse and dynamic RPA marketplace backdrop, where most solutions are general purpose across industries. Unlike generalized automation solutions, OpCon RPA takes advantage of SMA’s leading library of integrations for banks, credit unions, and other financial services companies to address specific workflows unique to those businesses.

OpCon RPA is a significant leap forward, addressing manual gaps, increasing individual and organization efficiency, and facilitating end-to-end automation. The new offering fills the automation 'last mile,’ offering unprecedented levels of operational efficiency by extending the capabilities of OpCon into jobs traditionally requiring manual intervention. Examples include:

  • Interest rate adjustments – When the Federal Reserve raises its benchmark Fed Funds rate, it has immediate downstream effects on loan and deposit accounts. With RPA, financial institutions can automate routines that ensure that the interest rate on every variable rate loan and account is adjusted properly according to customer agreements and disclosures.

  • Customer onboarding – Opening a new account requires bank representatives to verify identification, answer know your customer (KYC) due diligence questions, pull credit scores, match names against the OFAC database, accept an opening deposit, and order checks and debit cards. RPA can automate many of these routine processes by integrating them with external databases and systems, streamlining the account opening process and providing a better customer experience.

  • Regulatory compliance – Financial services is one of the most highly regulated industries, making compliance a labor and resource-intensive endeavor. With RPA, compliance officers can accelerate their workflows by scheduling automated data pulls from a variety of sources—enabling automated, regular report generation and distribution for management, the Board, and regulatory examiners.

“With OpCon RPA, we're pushing the envelope of automation possibilities for financial services," said Ryan Dimick, Chief Technology Officer of SMA Technologies. "We're excited to provide our clients with the ability to increase efficiency and drive more innovation within their organizations by freeing employees to engage in more meaningful work."

For more information about OpCon RPA, visit

About SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies is the maker of OpCon, the leading workload automation and orchestration platform for banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial services businesses. The platform delivers enterprise power and scalability without the complexity or cost. OpCon enables companies to easily automate manual tasks and seamlessly orchestrate workloads across business-critical operations, saving time and reducing cost by eliminating human error and deploying IT resources on strategic initiatives. More than 1,000 clients trust SMA with their mission-critical operations. Please visit to learn more.


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