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SaaS Solution Preserves and Archives Mobile Messaging

By Roy Urrico

Photo by Michael Burrows:

Although more banking business takes place via the mobile channel, making sure text communications are archivable may not be top of mind for many financial institutions. The San Ramon, Calif-based SnippetSentry, a provider of mobile communication compliance solutions, launched a customizable and scalable solution for preserving, storing and sorting text messages used for business.

Eddie Green, CEO of SnippetSentry.

“The increasing use of mobile technology in the workplace creates a significant challenge for organizations, especially those operating as highly regulated entities that grapple with how to monitor mobile messaging app communications,” said Eddie Green, CEO of SnippetSentry. “Our mission is to ensure that mobile communication compliance is never a bottleneck to business growth and increased ROI (return on investment).”


Green explained SnippetSentry, launched in March 2023, is compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android devices, and does not need customization. The solution securely captures and safeguards mobile messaging app communications transmitted over unauthorized mobile communication channels such as iMessage, Android SMS, and WhatsApp.


How It Potentially Helps Credit Unions


Green noted the evolving and expanding role of text messaging for credit unions and other financial institutions. He explained to Finopotamus that financial service organizations want to text. “That's how you get deals done. It is how you get business done.” In addition, he emphasized that on-the-go customers and a younger employee work base prefer mobile communication via text as a primary form of communication.


SnippetSentry, Green said, provides a reliable and unalterable archived record of every message sent, permanently stored on the customer's premises.


That is especially significant in light of government intervention, he said. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other financial regulators are interested in employees’ use of personal messaging apps, and other off-channel electronic communication platforms, revolving around the maintenance and preservation of electronic communications.


Green noted in the financial services industry, the need to archive electronic media has become increasingly important. “It has to be preserved, and those regulations are just getting more and more broad over time, and they are moving down market,” said Green. “It's not just the big firms, it's all firms.”

SnippetSentry, explained Green, enables financial firms to focus on managing their business and meeting customers on preferred channels. “We do that by capturing texts and putting them in an archive. So, you build a complete corporate record that is in full compliance of the government regulations. That is what we are doing right now,” said Green.


How SnippetSentry Works


Green explained that SnippetSentry is a “native” solution, which doesn’t require the need to download an app.


“What you do is you go to our website and you give us permission,” Green continued. “Let us take the case of iMessage. You give us your Apple ID and your password. And you give it an email address that you want all the texts delivered. So now anytime anybody texts you can go right into your email box and you will find the text messages. Now it is possible to sort and filter and look at the entire transaction with your client all in one spot.”


Green further explained why efficiency and the ability for a business to talk to the client is so important. “There should not be any temptation to go off channel if we make this completely seamless and transparent. It is just recording everything that you put in into an archive,” he said. “Everybody understands that in a financial institution; all emails are preserved. This is really no different than that.”


According to Green, other key benefits include:


  • Ease-of-use: Streamlined processes, intuitive guidance, and quick access to enterprise-ready tools. Onboarding is done in three easy steps in less than three minutes.

  • Reliability and availability: Built for fault-tolerance and 24x7 service delivery, the solution minimizes downtime and maintains functionality.

  • Scalability: Fully scalable to accommodate business growth seamlessly, supporting transitions from one user to tens of thousands of seats.


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