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Pure IT and Janusea Empower Credit Unions Through Strategic Partnership

HOUSTON, TX (8/21/23) - Pure IT, a CUSO known for strategic technology consulting, is pleased to announce a partnership with Janusea, a leading fintech company focused on integrations, connecting community financial institutions with today's innovative fintech solutions. By combining Pure IT's exceptional technical consulting services with Janusea's hosted middleware platform, credit unions are already experiencing transformative shifts in how they approach digital transformation.

The partnership between Pure IT and Janusea has received high praise from mutual customers. Elizabeth Osborne, Great Lakes Credit Union's Chief Operating Officer, shared her enthusiasm, stating, "Our partnership with Pure IT and Janusea has truly transformed our organization. They have been instrumental in supporting our strategic technology and digital vision, simplifying fintech integrations, and enhancing our security posture. We're thrilled to continue this collaboration, which enables us to provide exceptional member experience."

Janusea’s platform allows credit unions to streamline integration processes, enabling seamless data flow and enhanced operational efficiency. The combined expertise of Pure IT and Janusea empowers credit unions to deliver personalized and frictionless member experiences, fostering greater loyalty and engagement.

“A very important thing that Janusea facilitates, especially from an executive perspective, is feeding data from various systems to wherever is most relevant,” said Jack Smith, Pure IT CEO. “You can create an extraction layer, or a middle tier, with multiple technologies feeding to the core, and still have one interface from a user perspective… to me, that value is tremendous.”

The possibilities are endless as more fintech providers join the Janusea platform. Credit Union applications include business intelligence tools, fraud mitigation, and conversational AI tools, where easy connections to legacy core systems have traditionally been a barrier.

“We’re just scratching the surface of what it means for industry innovation”, said Kyle Stutzman, Janusea CEO. “Every time we talk with a new fintech provider, they tend to imagine amazing new ways they might be able to leverage our platform beyond the original business case.”

The partnership between Pure IT and Janusea focuses on innovation and future-readiness, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the credit union technology integration sphere.

Pure IT – Pure IT is a Credit Union Service Organization that provides Strategic Technology Consulting. We partner with Credit Union’s to offer Professional Services, Infrastructure Project Implementations, and Technology Managed Services. With partnership at its core, Pure IT has the capability to tailor technology solutions to the competitive advantage of each credit union. We use technology to fulfill credit union strategy and business needs, creating an efficient IT ecosystem that helps our partners achieve their goals. Learn more about us at

Janusea - Janusea, Inc. fills a technology gap in the community financial institution space, connecting credit unions and community banks with today’s innovative fintech solutions. Many fintechs cannot communicate with a financial institution’s legacy core system. Janusea is the connection between these two worlds via a fully-hosted platform delivered securely using the cloud. Ultimately, Janusea provides community financial institutions with speed to market, free choices to work with the best solutions and sustainable API integration. For more information, visit


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