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Pure IT and Envisant Partner to Offer Cloud Technology to Credit Unions

Houston, TX -- CUSOs Envisant and Pure IT have partnered to create Cloud+Union, a bundled service offering for small credit unions nationwide to transition away from on-premises hardware and take the leap into the cloud.

Many small credit unions struggle to meet technology, security, and access needs of today's business and regulatory environment. With next-generation network implementation, a cloud-focused software stack, and Pure IT as a Managed Services Partner, Cloud+Union is helping credit unions start their journey to the cloud.

The Cloud+Union product, officially launching May 1, 2023, will have security, compliance, and collaboration features like multi-factor authentication, a new Microsoft implementation, and industry-leading firewalls. As credit union technology progresses into the cloud, additional capabilities and complexity will become available.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith, Pure IT CEO, says: "Cloud+Union is a game changer for small credit unions seeking secure and compliant IT services. With its cutting-edge technology and dedicated team, Cloud+Union delivers peace of mind, allowing credit unions to focus on what matters most -- serving their members. This innovative product is a testament to the power of collaboration and technological advancement for the financial industry."

Libby Calderone

Libby Calderone, Envisant President and COO, adds: "With information security a top priority, providing access to modern, cloud-based technology creates a direct line for credit unions to work smarter, not harder. Envisant stands behind credit unions to connect them with tools that propel them toward digital transformation and incredible member service -- all while maintaining the highest security standards. Cloud+Union with Pure IT is a partnership that we're extremely proud of because it is specifically designed to provide that access and ease the transformation for credit unions."

About Pure IT

Pure IT is a Credit Union Service Organization that provides Strategic Technology Consulting. We partner with credit unions to offer professional services, infrastructure project implementations, and technology managed services. With partnership at its core, Pure IT has the capability to tailor technology solutions to the competitive advantage of each credit union. We use technology to fulfill credit union strategy and business needs, creating an efficient IT ecosystem that helps our partners achieve their goals. Learn more about us at

About Envisant

Envisant is a credit union service organization helping credit unions across all 50 states achieve their vision. A subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League, Envisant brings experience and expertise to all areas of credit union service. Our forward-thinking product strategy features credit and debit programs, prepaid debit cards, portfolio development consulting, agent credit card programs, ATM services, marketing, and more. Get to know us at


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