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Providence Federal Credit Union Partners with Mahalo Banking... Enhance Online, Mobile Banking Experiences

Credit union leveraging banking platform to redesign digital member experience,

provide self-service capabilities

TROY, Mich., Aug. 29, 2023 – Milwaukie, Or.-based Providence Federal Credit Union (‘Providence FCU’ – $182M in assets) has partnered with Mahalo Banking, a premier online and mobile banking solution provider specifically designed for credit unions. Mahalo’s member-centric design, enhanced security functionality and forward-thinking innovation continue to propel credit union interest.

“Providing our members with the latest digital banking tools is one of our top priorities,” said Shirley Cate, President and CEO of Providence FCU. “We are excited to work with an innovative provider like Mahalo to redesign and redefine a better banking experience. Our team is confident that Mahalo offers the level of support we need to provide secure, convenient banking. They embrace our vision to create an impressive banking interface designed with seamless functionality that will enable our members to now address any financial need however and whenever they choose.”

Providence FCU will use Mahalo’s platform to reimagine its online and mobile banking experiences and create a more unified interface. Members will be able to easily navigate between the credit union’s digital channels and access identical features on either platform without disruption. New features being implemented include a live chat option that enables 24/7 assistance. The credit union will also deliver a new personal finance management tool that highlights opportunities for members to evaluate their spending habits and proactively improve their financial wellness.

“Providence FCU serves as the latest example of why so many credit unions are moving to Mahalo Banking. While working with their team, it was easy to see that member service is always a priority and implementing our Thoughtful Banking™ solution fits well in their pursuit to exceed all of their members’ needs,” said Denny Howell, co-founder and COO of Mahalo. “Our focus continues to be on designing an interface that enhances the overall digital experience with customized touches, ultimately enabling the credit union to always meet the changing needs of their membership base.”

About Providence FCU

Providence Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution proudly serving caregivers and care workers for 60 years. Formed in 1962, Providence FCU has grown to be one of the largest credit unions in the healthcare industry serving more than 16,000 members. The credit union aims to reduce financial stress for healthcare and care workers by offering affordable interest loans, higher savings yields, lower fees, and free multilingual financial advice. For more information about Providence FCU, please visit or connect via LinkedIn.

About Mahalo

Mahalo Banking provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions. Based in Troy, Mich., the Mahalo platform is designed and built on superior architecture with deep integration to core processing, providing security and a robust feature set across all delivery channels for a true omni experience. Mahalo offers the industry’s first and only online banking solution to fully integrate comprehensive neurodiverse functionality directly into its platform. This inclusive approach allows credit unions to support and embrace all members and accommodate their unique needs.

For more information about Mahalo Banking, please visit us at, follow us on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.


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