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Praxent Helps Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange Increase the Conversion of Digital Customers...

...and Reduce Turnaround Time for Processing New Applications and Renewals by 90%

Reimagined application and renewal process boosts efficiencies and conversions

AUSTIN, Texas, September 21, 2023 - Praxent, a fintech product agency with more than two decades of experience, today announced that it has designed and developed an intuitive customer and admin portal for Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange (TLIE), helping drive new business and renewals.

Austin-based TLIE is a leading provider of professional liability insurance for judges and lawyers across the state of Texas. TLIE engaged Praxent to design and develop an updated customer portal that is focused on the lawyers’ experience, offering self-service features such as the ability to apply for coverage, renew a policy, make payments, access documents, and more. Praxent also helped develop an admin portal for TLIE, helping them better manage and track policies in progress.

“We were looking to update our customer portal to deliver greater functionality to members while simultaneously driving efficiencies through automation,” said Mike Yarber, President and CEO of TLIE. “Praxent had an extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, allowing them to easily understand the nuances of the tailored options we provide. Now, we have a sophisticated, frictionless member experience with more robust self-service options, helping drive strong results.”

TLIE has completed over 300 new applications since February and more than 350 renewals since mid-May, demonstrating an increased conversion of digital customers. And, Praxent has helped reduce turnaround time for processing new applications and renewals by 90%.

"TLIE now has a digital experience that is simple and modern, allowing them to continue to provide exceptional service for judges and lawyers across Texas in a more efficient way,” said Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent. "Plus, the admin portal we created empowers TLIE with deeper insight into the health of its portfolio, with intuitive dashboards that help employees track policy flow. We are proud to support a market leader like TLIE as they innovate to support current and future business needs.”

About Praxent

Austin-based Praxent is The Fintech Product AgencyTM, accelerating the development of differentiated fintech products and experiences that produce measurable results. The Praxent team specializes in the fintech and financial services space, and has helped over 400 organizations acquire and enrich their customer relationships through the latest in human-centered design, frontend engineering and product integration. Visit to learn more.


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