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On Location: Corelation’s Recap of KeyStone Enhancements

By John San Filippo

The theme of the recently concluded 2021 Corelation client conference was Corelatives Reunion, a riff on the Friends: The Reunion special now available on HBO Max. This came complete with a re-lyric’ed Friends theme to open the show. Try to think, Corelation’s there for you …

The session called Year in Review, which was a recap of some enhancements made to the KeyStone core processing platform during the COVID era, took this Friends theme a little further. The session was presented as a parody of the trivia game cast members played on the reunion show, with Corelation founder John Landis subbing in for David Schwimmer as the game’s emcee. The trivia game segments were prerecorded, with Brent Edwards, who run’s Corelation’s sales support team, providing live, on-stage explanations of the various enhancements. Those in the audience who never saw the reunion special may have been confused.

The enhancements didn’t seem to be presented in any particular order, but there were a number of lending-related items. Among them:

  • For construction lenders, a feature that allows for the creation of loan budget templates, thereby automating and standardizing draw schedules.

  • For indirect auto lenders, a feature that ensures that the final loan rate matches the rate quoted by the dealer, which the dealer may have marked up from the original rate quoted by the credit union.

  • For real estate lenders, a feature that allows the credit union to manage loan covenants across multiple loans instead of one at a time.

  • For growth-minded credit unions, a feature that allows the credit union to create a new membership from an approved loan in process.

There were also a number of enhancements that appeared to boost general employee productivity. These included:

  • A feature that allows accounting employees to instantly calculate the average balance of a GL for any specified period.

  • A feature that allows employees to assess multiple occurrences of the same fee at one time instead of assessing each one individually, e.g., a per-page photocopying fee.

  • The ability to display a member’s scanned ID by simply mousing over versus clicking.

  • A feature that automates the process of moving a share from one account to another.

The above is by no means a complete list of all enhancements presented during this session.

Unlike its HBO Max counterpart, this session was also interspersed with prerecorded parodies of popular TV commercials. The funniest among them was a parody of the Tide Detergent “Cold Call” commercials, with Corelation salesmen Bill Hopkins and Chris Cipollone filling in for Ice-T and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, respectively. The two were making “Core Calls.”


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