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Nominations Open for the 2024 Finopotamus Tekkie Awards

The fourth annual contest offers a range of new nomination categories.


Jan. 10, 2024; San Diego, Calif. – Finopotamus, the only online resource providing in-depth technology coverage exclusively to credit unions, announced that it is now accepting nominations for its 2024 Tekkie Awards. This is the fourth installment of the annual competition.

This annual award series honors significant achievement in credit union technology from the previous calendar year. The 2024 awards will thus recognize outstanding technology achievements from 2023. The nomination form and a detailed description of each category are located here.

In past years, nomination categories focused on specific technologies. For 2024, the categories have evolved to better align with current universal credit union objectives.

Tekkie Award nominations are being accepted in the following seven categories:

  • Member Growth

  • Revenue Growth

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Innovation

  • Game Changer

  • People Helping People

  • Tech CUSO of the Year.

“Each year, we receive more nominations, and each year, W.B., Roy and I are more amazed by the breadth, depth and quality of the submissions,” said Finopotamus Publisher John San Filippo. “Our new categories should make nominations easier than ever, so we’re expecting a monumental year.”

“Winning the 2023 Finopotamus Tekkie Award for Tech CUSO of the Year fills us at MDT with pride,” said Larry Nichols, president and CEO of Member Driven Technologies. “It highlights our 20-year commitment to high-quality service and innovation in the credit union industry. As we look ahead to the 2024 awards, our team is energized and ready to redefine success through our collaborative partnership efforts and groundbreaking consulting solutions.”

Travis Frey, chief innovation officer at Dover Federal Credit Union and winner of the 2023 Tekkie for Technologist of the Year, was “honored” to be recognized as a technology leader in the credit union industry. “Most of what we do is ‘in the shadows’ and ‘behind the scenes,’” he stated. “Having this spotlight renewed my passion in what we do, from protecting member information to onboarding a sleek new fintech and keeping the lights on day in and day out. Having peer recognition is very appreciated.”

The entry fee for each submission is $199 (there is no charge for the “People Helping People Tekkie Award” if submitted by a credit union) and nominations close April 1, 2024. Winners are traditionally announced in July to help celebrate the anniversary of Finopotamus’ founding.

About Finopotamus

Finopotamus is an online publication created by industry veterans W.B. King, John San Filippo, and Roy Urrico to bring credit unions technology news and original content not found elsewhere. The publication looks at technology best practices across multiple industries to bring credit unions the broadest range of relevant information. Since its launch in July of 2020, Finopotamus has continued to grow in readership, recognizability and authority. The publication’s tagline is Fintech News for Hungry CUs. Visit Finopotamus at


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