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Nominations Are Now Open for the Finopotamus 2022 Tekkie Awards

Finopotamus announced today via press release that nominations are now open for the 2022 Tekkie Awards. The Tekkies were launched in 2021 to recognize achievements in credit union technology from 2020. This year’s competition will thus recognize technology achievements from 2021.

Contest categories have changed slightly since last year. The 2021 categories and winners were:

  • Core Integration: Meridian Credit Union, CA $27 billion in assets, 400,000 members

  • COVID-19 Response: co-winners Community First Credit Union, $695 million in assets, 60,000 members and Delta Community Credit Union, $8.3 billion in assets, 450,000 members

  • Data and Analytics: Northwest Community Credit Union, $1.6 billion in assets, 107,000 members

  • Lending: Nuvision Federal Credit Union, $2.7 billion in assets, 160,000 members

  • Self -Service: iTHINK Financial Credit Union, $1.8 billion in assets, 96,000 members

This year’s categories are:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. For credit unions that have deployed AI-based solutions to improve internal operations and/or enhance the member experience.

  • Core Integration. For credit unions that have achieved exceptional success integrating a wide range of third-party products via API or other means.

  • Lending. For credit unions that deployed lending technology that improved member experience and/or strengthened the loan portfolio.

  • Marketing and Member Communications. For credit unions that have employed digital marketing and communication tools to raise member awareness, improve the member experience and increase sales.

  • Payments. For credit unions that have implemented advanced, innovative payment technologies.

  • Self-Service. For credit unions that created self-service channels that push the idea of a frictionless, omnichannel experience to new levels.

  • Technologist of the Year. For individual credit union technologists who have shown exceptional vision and leadership solving business problems, enhancing the member experience and contributing to the greater good of credit union technology.

In addition to categories that recognize achievement at the credit union level, as noted, Finopotamus has added Technologist of the Year. This special award will recognize an individual whose achievements embody not only great technology, but also the credit union ethos of people helping people.

Because the competition is expected to be tight, Team Finopotamus will also recognize entrants with “honorable mentions” wherever appropriate.

The nomination form is located here. Nominations are limited to state and federally chartered U.S. credit unions, as well as Canadian credit unions, and their employees, but can be submitted by the credit union itself, by a technology provider, or by a PR agency. The entry fee is $149 per entry. The deadline for submission is May 2, 2022. Winners will be announced in July to mark the two-year anniversary of Finopotamus.

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