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NCR Unveils New Names for Businesses Ahead of Planned Separation

Digital Commerce Business to Become NCR Voyix; ATM Business to Become NCR Atleos, Both Reflecting Strength of NCR Brand

ATLANTA--Jul. 24, 2023--NCR Corporation(NYSE: NCR), a leading enterprise technology provider, today unveiled the names for the two companies that will form after its planned separation, expected in the fourth quarter of 2023. Selecting company names is a key milestone in NCR’s previously announced plan to separate into two independent, publicly traded companies.

“The digital commerce business will be called NCR Voyix, which is a nod to the ever-present vision, innovation and partnership that NCR offers its customers as we work with them in their voyage to succeed,” said NCR CEO Michael D. Hayford. “NCR Voyix will leverage NCR’s industry-leading software to continue transforming, connecting and running global retail, hospitality and digital banking technology platforms.”

In speaking with thousands of stakeholders to finalize each company’s name, it became clear that "NCR" is a proven badge of experience and service that customers, industry analysts, and employees encouraged NCR to retain. For the digital commerce company, the "Voyix" name demonstrates the concept of a voyage, which is how customers describe their journeys with NCR. The company is with them every step of the way, ever-present to unify technologies and guide customers toward their visions. The inclusion of "x" is purposeful — representing the actionable insights delivered to customers and the visual manifestation of the company’s ability to “link” the digital and physical worlds.

“The new name for the ATM business, NCR Atleos, reflects the strength of the NCR brand and our success in helping banks and retailers create best-in-class solutions, within and beyond the branch or across their map of expansive networks,” Hayford said. “This business will build on NCR’s leadership in solutions that enable customers to meet global demand for ATM access while leveraging new ATM transaction types, including digital currency solutions, to drive market growth.”

As with NCR Voyix, constituents surveyed encouraged the company to retain the NCR name in some way. "Atleos," for an atlas or map, speaks to the company’s focus on expanding transactions and access worldwide. "At" also nods to the company’s past and present history with automated tellers, which combined with “eos,” or the dawn of a new era, speaks to NCR’s drive to scale ATM as a Service (ATMaaS), interactive tellers and future innovations.

NCR conducted a thorough naming process with global consultancy Interbrand that included surveys, research and the engagement of thousands of stakeholders including employees, customers, investors and industry analysts.

“We took the responsibility of renaming a company with more than 130 years of history very seriously,” said CMO Jennifer Personette. “The strength of both brands, which build on our existing positive brand value, is evident in the recent momentum of the business and customer feedback. I am also proud that we chose names through a process that included feedback from 12,000 employees who expressed their pride in NCR.”

Previously, the company’s Board of Directors announced that current NCR Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Tim Oliver is designated as CEO of NCR Atleos and David Wilkinson, executive vice president and president of NCR Commerce, is designated to lead NCR Voyix.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in transforming, connecting and running technology platforms for self-directed banking, stores and restaurants. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with 35,000 employees globally. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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