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My First Nest Egg and Chaffey Federal Credit Union Partner to Empower Elementary and Middle School Kids with Financial Education

Upland, CA (February 22, 2024) — My First Nest Egg, an award-winning digital financial education system for kids, ages 3-13, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Chaffey Federal Credit Union, a 60-year-old institution serving Upland, California. The collaboration aims to provide free resources for Chaffey Federal Credit Union members and the community, promoting youth financial education both at home and in the classroom.

My First Nest Egg's co-founders, Nicolle Hood and Annie Shoen, both moms and former attorneys, developed this interactive learning platform in response to the growing concern of youth financial illiteracy.

"We're in the midst of a financial literacy crisis costing Americans $350 billion a year due to personal finance mismanagement," said My First Nest Egg’s CEO, Nicole Hood. "Without proper financial education programs, our children's financial futures are at risk."

Chaffey Federal Credit Union, known for its exceptional member services, is eager to join forces with My First Nest Egg. Through this partnership, Chaffey will offer a customized co-branded version of the My First Nest Egg app and content, designed to engage their youngest members in learning about earning, saving, and giving back. The offerings include a white-labeled smart piggy bank, an age-appropriate curriculum, a dedicated website, calculators, and more, enhancing their youth programming.

“Chaffey Federal Credit Union is proud to announce a partnership with My First Nest Egg, aimed at revolutionizing financial education for our youth,” said credit union CEO, Diane Kotlewski.  “This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering young minds with essential financial literacy skills, fostering brighter and more resilient financial futures for the next generation.”

"My First Nest Egg's COO, Annie Shoen, emphasized, "Money habits form as early as age seven, yet many kids lack exposure to even basic money concepts during these crucial years, contributing to a financial literacy epidemic that affects mental health in adulthood."

Research shows that 64% of adults identify money as a significant source of stress in their lives. Recognizing that money management is more about mindset than just math, My First Nest Egg aims to instill healthy financial habits in childhood, leading to improved financial outcomes and reduced financial stress in adulthood.

About Chaffey Federal Credit Union  

Established in 1964, Chaffey Federal Credit Union proudly calls Upland, California home. For over 60 years, Chaffey FCU has been a trusted financial partner, boasting a network of 3 branches and 3 ATMs in Southern California. Chaffey Federal Credit Union stewards over $213.77 Million in assets and proudly serves over 12,000 loyal members. With over 40 dedicated individuals as of February 2024, Chaffey is committed to providing exceptional financial services to its members and the community.  For more information, visit or call (909) 986-4552.

About My First Nest Egg: Co-founders Nicolle and Annie, both mothers, embarked on creating My First Nest Egg to address the financial education needs of their own children. Developed with input from child psychologists, financial experts, educators, and parents, My First Nest Egg empowers families to instill healthy financial habits in their young children through a fun and educational platform. For more information, visit, and follow My First Nest Egg on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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