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MiniBranch Celebrates One Year of Empowering Credit Unions Coast to Coast with Stellar Success

Updated: Mar 14

Greenville, SC - March 12th, 2024 - March marks the one-year anniversary since the official launch of MiniBranch, the groundbreaking digital platform dedicated to revolutionizing the credit union industry. Over the past year, MiniBranch has been instrumental in helping credit unions of all asset sizes across the nation to embrace digital transformation, earning nothing but 5-star reviews for its exceptional services. MiniBranch has emerged as an unmatched digital platform that is ahead of the curve in terms of functionality, setting a new standard for the industry. Among the many credit unions that have joined the digital branch revolution are Ironworkers USA Federal Credit Union led by Teri Robinson, Tarrant County's Credit Union led by Lily Newfarmer, Seaport FCU led by Elaine Thompson, and IECU led by Jody Dabrowski, to name just a few.


Albert Howard, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at MiniBranch, stated, "Our mission from day one has been to provide the latest in technology but at a price point that every credit union could afford. For too long, the available options were either too expensive for most credit unions or offered too little. Until now."


Vance Rowland, Co-Founder and CEO of MiniBranch, added, "We have never had a demo with a credit union where they did not sit there in awe, both of the product and the price! We set out to enable members and future members to instantly connect with their credit union from everywhere, and we've successfully achieved that. Whether your members are at your ATM, reading a print or digital ad, or engaging with credit union swag, your credit union can now be everywhere!"


Since its inception, MiniBranch has expanded its services, focusing on ensuring no credit union is left behind. From solving the need for ITM features without the associated costs to growing into a comprehensive digital platform, MiniBranch now offers live chat, video chat, SMS, virtual assistant chatbots, integrated language translation, and much more. This unmatched digital platform delivers ahead-of-the-curve functionality, seamlessly integrating with credit unions' existing systems and processes to provide a full suite of digital services that are both innovative and user-friendly.


About MiniBranch


MiniBranch is a fintech company created by and for credit unions. Its single-platform approach ensures credit unions of all asset sizes can afford the latest features and compete with larger financial institutions. MiniBranch is on a mission to provide credit unions a seat at the digital table, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.


For more information about MiniBranch and its impact on the credit union industry, please visit


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