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JXM Launches REMOTE for CUs

Media elastic, results-driven marketing services for financial brands

ONLINE — Award-winning ad agency JXM has announced the launch of REMOTE, a fractional marketing and advertising service for Credit Unions (CUs). REMOTE supports CUs of all sizes and budgets with flexible, on-demand service and a proven track record of results by the agency.

Through REMOTE, JXM offers ad strategy, creative design, in-house collaboration, audience targeting, campaign execution, data capture, KPI and KPA tracking, and more. The agency works with CUs in a supplemental capacity, wherever they are, to amplify messaging and results through individualized strategies.

“We aim to be a fully integrated partner for CUs. Their goals are our goals. That means going beyond prescriptive services and strategies, to really work with financial brands in partnership—something we’re always excited for,” says Jim Pond, co-Founder and Partner at JXM. “

JXM seeks to channel award-winning advertising and extensive knowledge of CU marketing through its REMOTE program. This includes guidance in the face of evolving advertising standards, where JXM excels in leveraging zero-party data into robust results. The agency also brings critical knowledge of BFSI advertising guidelines, best practices, and compliance standards, to ensure success within the parameters of industry regulations.

“REMOTE is designed specifically to supplement CU marketing efforts—especially as they face market headwinds and uncertainties,” says Matt Maguy, co-Founder and Partner at JXM. “We understand that as budgets tighten and market forces bear down on them, CUs need to do more with less. REMOTE flips the script, letting them do more for less.”

CUs engaging JXM through REMOTE can expect excellence from a fully autonomous marketing and advertising team that’s data-driven, results-focused, and highly communicative. Learn more at

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