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IgniteFI Grows Team, Programs to Boost Fintech-Financial Institution...

...Partnerships Industry veteran Marnie Keller joins igniteFI

IgniteFI is excited to announce the launch of its Campfire Connect online community and SPARK Catalyst Initiative to help fintechs build products to better suit the credit union market and cultivate trust while growing their brands. Additionally, the company is pleased to add Marnie Keller to the team as chief development officer.

Founded by credit union and fintech industry veteran Julie Esser, IgniteFI is the go-to destination for fintechs to achieve success in the credit union industry. Adding Keller, who’s expertise lies in strategy, marketing and business development through her powerful network of connections, elevates IgniteFI and its offerings to the next level. She got her start at the Independent Community Bankers of America and has served in leadership roles at a number of fintechs over her decades of experience.

“I’m excited to have Marnie join the team to help grow relationships between fintechs and credit unions,” Esser added. “Adding our new offerings will only strengthen those bonds.”

IgniteFI’s new SPARK Catalyst Initiative provides a tailored roadmap to accelerate a fintech’s journey from idea to market readiness, ensuring founders enter the market and make a transformative impact. Through expert mentorship, hands-on validation and collaborative feedback loops, SPARK will equip fintechs with the tools to solve real-world problems effectively for credit unions and consumers.

Next, the Burn Brighter Growth Alliance is designed to skyrocket your brand awareness within the financial services market and consistently fuel your sales funnel. Meticulously curated services provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to seize a competitive edge.

Then, Blaze Advantage Sales Solution transforms fintechs’ groundbreaking product into a market success by establishing meaningful partnerships with financial institutions and channel partners.

Finally, Esser explained, “Campfire Connect is designed for fintech founders and financial services professionals, diving deeper, beyond mere knowledge sharing, to provide an interconnected ecosystem ripe for innovation and growth through IgniteFI’s expansive array of resources and community features.”

“I’ve known and worked with Julie for decades,” Bonifii Founder/CEO John Ainsworth said. “The benefit of working with her and the IgniteFI team is access to a high-caliber CMO at a fraction of the cost. She has the pulse of the industry, and to me, you can’t value that enough. I’m excited about the possibilities of her Campfire Connect and SPARK Catalyst Initiative.”

IgniteFI has helped Kiddie Kredit, a credit education fintech, dial in on buyer personas, pricing and product market fit. As the company prepares to expand its offerings and reach into credit unions and community banks, Founder/CEO Evan Leaphart knew he needed to also reach deeper. Kredit Academy from Kiddie Kredit recently won a $1 million investment from 43North.

“What we realized is that credit unions deeply care about their members, and it takes time to build that trust,” Leaphart acknowledged. “We decided the best way to help decision makers make their decisions is when a trusted party suggests us, so we reached out to Julie.”

To learn more about IgniteFI and its newest programs, please visit

IgniteFI exists to solve fintech’s top problems – credibility, discovery, customer growth and loyalty, lack of resources and strategy – leveraging our team’s deep expertise and network. We help fintechs gain clarity in brand and define their position in the marketplace, cultivate and amplify fintech brands and harness the right sales techniques to turn your groundbreaking product into a tangible success. Learn more at

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