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HealthShare Credit Union Unveils MiniBranch’s New Virtual Assistant 'Val' and Deploys 8 New ATMs Across Hospital Campuses

Greenville, SC – July 10th, 2024 – HealthShare Credit Union is proud to announce the successful deployment of MiniBranch in partnership with AOne ATM. This strategic collaboration introduces Val, a state-of-the-art virtual assistant, alongside eight new ATMs spread across HealthShare Credit Union’s hospital campuses, revolutionizing member services and accessibility.

Genice Decorte, CEO of HealthShare Credit Union, expressed her satisfaction with the seamless implementation, stating, "Hands down one of our best partners ever, they did an amazing implementation job that was fast, efficient, easy, and no headaches. We are in love with this product!"

Albert Howard, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at MiniBranch, shared his excitement about the partnership, "We are thrilled about partnering with HealthShare Credit Union. I have known Genice for years, and for this partnership to take place was beyond exciting. We love credit unions of all asset sizes but have a special place for those with less than $100 million in assets. We love being able to provide them with the latest in technology at a price point that everyone can afford. Your Marketing Co., led by Bo McDonald and his team, did a fantastic job with the wrap design, marketing screen, and design of Val."

MiniBranch is an all-inclusive digital connection and marketing platform built specifically for credit unions, offering live chat, video chat, SMS, AI chatbot, co-browsing, and much more. The deployment of MiniBranch and the introduction of Val will significantly enhance the member experience by providing efficient and innovative solutions for their banking needs.

Vance Rowland, President and CEO of AOne ATM, highlighted the importance of this partnership, "This partnership with MiniBranch and HealthShare Credit Union continues to demonstrate our commitment to credit unions across the country, especially those focused on adding members within their SEGs. It allows credit unions to have branch-like features at their SEGs without having a physical branch."

HealthShare Credit Union's deployment of MiniBranch, coupled with the installation of eight new ATMs, underscores their dedication to improving member services and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the financial sector.

About HealthShare Credit Union

HealthShare Credit Union was chartered in 1955 to serve the employees of Moses Cone Hospital and expanded their membership base over the next 50 years to better serve their community.

About MiniBranch

MiniBranch is the leading digital engagement platform designed specifically for credit unions. Its single-platform approach ensures credit unions of all asset sizes can afford the latest features and compete with larger financial institutions.

About AOne ATMAOne ATM has been serving credit unions for over 15 years from coast to coast. AOne specializes in SEG ATM deployment with robust marketing capabilities integrated on each ATM.


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