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Going to the Video to Enable Better Customer Experiences

Source: POPi/o Mobile Video Cloud

By Roy Urrico

Video technology at financial institutions, given a boost during the pandemic, continues to make inroads in everyday banking choices. A new financial technology collaboration now enhances virtual meeting capability, providing a personalized, more engaging experience.

Tewksbury, Mass.-based TimeTrade SilverCloud, a provider of customer engagement solutions, and Sandy, Utah-based POPi/o Mobile Video Cloud (POPi/o), which offers video banking and collaborative technology, announced a partnership to enhance financial institutions’ capability to conduct virtual meetings between knowledgeable staff and accountholders or prospects. This venture allows consumers to schedule appointments with the right resources at a credit union or bank through virtual, face-to-face discussions, providing a more engaging, personalized experience.

Members and customers are seeking new ways to engage with their financial institutions safely and conveniently, according to the two companies. By bringing together complementary systems, TimeTrade SilverCloud’s online appointment scheduling system and POPi/o’s virtual video banking solution, users can initiate banking interactions — such as loan applications, in-video consultations and secure document exchange — with their credit union or bank via video, chat or phone at a time and place that is convenient. In addition, the out-of-the-box integration is configurable within minutes.

Bill Clark, TimeTrade SilverCloud

“Over the last year, our customers, and the nearly 12 million appointments their customers booked with them, taught us that account holders want the ability to conduct their banking at a time that is suitable for them and safe for everyone,” said Bill Clark, CEO of TimeTrade SilverCloud. “Integrating with POPi/o enables users to easily bank at their convenience through secure and safe video chat. Together, TimeTrade SilverCloud and POPi/o will allow customers and members to easily meet with trusted financial representatives when personal service and expertise are needed.”

According to TimeTrade SilverCloud, self-service, knowledge management and online appointment scheduling solutions enable financial institutions to drive efficiencies, maximize productivity and deliver exceptional customer engagement. This helps credit unions and banks to engage more effectively with their members and customers, the solutions make self-service easy, empower employees with the information they need to serve customers, and conveniently schedule the right resources, such as a loan specialist or mortgage advisor.

Jed Taylor, POPi/o

“Integrating POPi/o’s video banking technology with TimeTrade SilverCloud’s appointment capabilities will take scheduling to the next level for our customers,” said Jed Taylor, president of POPi/o. “Through this partnership, we are able to make it easy and efficient for customers to use both services, allowing banks and credit unions to provide highly secure video conferencing and easy-to-use appointment scheduling that will improve overall customer and member satisfaction.”

Look for an upcoming article where Gene Pranger, co-founder and CEO of POPi/o, provides his perspective on video’s role in banking today.

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