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Freezing Emissions: Frost Goes Carbon Neutral Ahead of Fundraise

E-money account provider, Frost has announced its CarbonNeutral® certification as part of the company’s move towards Net Zero. The news comes as Frost launches its latest fundraising round on equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.

Frost, is a Manchester-based Fintech which is helping to tackle Britain’s escalating cost-of-living crisis. It does this by leveraging data access through intelligent banking to help its users save up to £1,000 per annum on essential household bills. The socially conscious business will offset its carbon emissions through a range of green initiatives, including tree planting.

The CarbonNeutral® certification, which is delivered through the Climate Impact Partners represents the global standard in transparent carbon neutral performance. For over 20 years, the scheme has helped companies to better define, measure, target and reduce their carbon emissions. By signing up to the protocol, Frost has underlined its commitment to this important cause at an early stage of its business development.

The latest announcement forms part of the company’s exciting roadmap for 2023, which includes the launch of a fundraising round on equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. Since early March, Frost has invited investment through the Seedrs network, as it looks to scale its next-generation, FCA-authorized digital account. In total, the company aims to raise £1,725,000 within the next 30 days as part of this investment drive.

Frost’s easy-to-use comparison feature gives users the option to quickly compare the associated carbon footprints of different utility providers, as well as their prices. By offering transparency on green-related metrics, Frost aims to inspire its customers to follow in its own footsteps in relation to meaningful carbon footprint reduction. The company’s ambition is to help its customers to save time and money, while doing their part to help save the planet.

Speaking on the latest announcement, Pawel Oltuszyk, co-founder and CEO of Frost commented: “One of our aims at Frost is to improve the lives of people around the world in a sustainable manner, which is why today’s announcement is so important to our growth. We may be a relative ‘newcomer’ in the world of Fintech, but we’re already showing we want to lead the sector on responsibility and accountability around carbon-related performance.

“This move towards CarbonNeutral® certification perfectly aligns with the broader vision of our business and is just one of the climate-related initiatives we’re spearheading through our platform. As we continue to add to our service, green product developments remain at the forefront of our mind with exciting new announcements expected imminently. Those interested in these developments should follow our Seedrs page to stay up to date.”

Frost’s platform is helping to put power back into the hands of consumers when dealing with utility bills, at a time when they most need it. The company’s innovative Save Assist feature runs automatic tariff comparisons across multiple providers and price comparison websites, to find customers the best price, and has been proven to save users up-to £1,000+ on household expenses, while also helping to reduce carbon footprints by alerting consumers of greener tariffs.

For more information about Frost’s Seedrs campaign, please visit:


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