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Finopotamus Top 5 Articles of 2023

By Finn O’Potamus


2023 was a breakout year for Finopotamus. Here are a few stats to put it into perspective:


  • 12,000-plus email subscribers

  • 3,800 all-organic LinkedIn followers

  • 1,200 LinkedIn newsletter subscribers (less than 60 days since launch)

  • 40,000 unique website visitors

  • 60,000 website sessions

  • 1,000-plus articles published


At Finopotamus, we take special pride in our original content. As our holiday gift for you, we hereby present our Top 5 articles of 2023 based on readership:



If there are topics and technologies you think we should cover more, feel free to write John San Filippo, W.B. King or Roy Urrico.


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