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Finopotamus Industry Leaders Forums: Knowledge Unleashed

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

By Finn O’Potamus 

In December 2023, Finopotamus launched the latest edition of its Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum. This one-of-a-kind knowledge portal is the only online resource dedicated exclusively to digital banking topics for credit unions. The 2023 edition of the DBILF brought together thought leadership content from a dozen different technology providers from across the industry. Those contributors and their respective articles were:



“All the participants chose their own topics,” said Finopotamus Publisher John San Filippo at the time of the launch. “By learning what ideas are important to each vendor, credit union technologists can see which ones align with their credit unions’ digital banking goals and objectives. Finopotamus did all the leg work so our readers don’t have to.”


Based on the widespread acceptance of the DBILF, Finopotamus will introduce a new Industry Leaders Forum in each quarter of 2024 according to the following schedule:


  • Q1: Payments Industry Leaders Forum (click here to contribute)

  • Q2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Industry Leaders Forum

  • Q3: Core Data Processing Industry Leaders Forum

  • Q4: Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum


For up-to-the-minute information, follow the Finopotamus Industry Leaders Forums on LinkedIn.


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