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Financial Frontiers Crossed: Transfer Galaxy and Intergiro Forge Alliance... Reshape Global Remittances

Stockholm, Sweden – December 19, 2023 – In an increasingly global world where seamless and immediate transactions are expected, the ability to bank directly with one's remitter should be the norm, not the exception. At least, that is what Transfer Galaxy and Intergiro believe and aim to bring about with their innovative partnership.

Transfer Galaxy and Intergiro have partnered to launch a seamless cross-border digital banking experience that will make it easier for foreign born nationals and digital nomads to send money abroad.

Powered by Intergiro's Banking as a Service platform, TransferGalaxy shatters traditional remittance boundaries, offering users a pioneering banking journey right within their remittance platform. Integrated wallets provide users with a centralised and secure space to manage their funds, making it easier to track and control their transactions.

Users can send money using a variety of methods, including bank transfers, debit cards, and mobile wallets.They can also track their transactions and manage their accounts online and access a wider range of financial services, including currency exchange, bill payment, and mobile top-up.

Paired with the versatility of both physical and virtual debit cards, and the added convenience of integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay, the entire process has been thoughtfully crafted with the end user's convenience and needs in mind.

 "Every transaction is more than just money; it's a sentiment, a memory, “ says Yosef Mohamed, CEO of Transfer Galaxy. “This isn't just about technology; it's about bringing people closer. With Intergiro, we're ensuring these moments are cherished, bridging distances with every transfer."

Fintech isn’t just about innovation. It’s about the relationships fintech can support, says Gustaf Hult, Head of Sales at Intergiro. "Our collaboration with Transfer Galaxy is a testament to fintech's potential — not just in advancing technology but in touching lives. Together, we're putting the user's journey, emotions, and needs at the forefront."

Transfer Galaxy's commitment to making international payments more affordable, secure, and efficient synergizes perfectly with Intergiro's expertise in embedded finance solutions. Together, they ensure that each remittance not only meets financial needs but also deeply resonates with the emotions and aspirations of its users.

About Intergiro

Intergiro is a Swedish fintech company that provides a complete financial ecosystem for innovators, disruptors, and digital builders. Its Banking as a Service platform offers the infrastructure needed for businesses to deliver financial services without the need for their own banking licence or infrastructure. For more information, visit

About Transfer Galaxy

Transfer Galaxy is a digital money transfer service dedicated to helping foreign born nationals in Europe send money abroad effortlessly. With a focus on ease, speed, and customer satisfaction, Transfer Galaxy continues to innovate and transform the remittance landscape. For more information, please visit


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