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Endurance Advisory Partners Expands its Advisory Board with the Addition of Roger Beverage

TULSA, Okla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Endurance Advisory Partners, a top provider of advisory services to financial institutions, today announced that it named Roger Beverage to its advisory board.

Roger will serve a pivotal role and advise Endurance as it expands the business with a focus on helping financial institutions in the areas of strategic initiatives, risk, technology and operational insights to thrive in the competitive market of banking.

Beverage previously served as the President and CEO of the Oklahoma Bankers Association for 33 years. A U.S. Army Veteran, he served a tour of active duty and in the Army Reserves, where he was honorably discharged as a captain.

“This year, we have seen a dramatic shift in the industry as it continues to react and adjust to rapidly rising rates, tightening liquidity, heightened operational risk and increased regulatory scrutiny,” said Endurance Advisory Partner’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Curry. “Roger’s extensive banking knowledge will be an asset to our clients.”

Beverage earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctorate with distinction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Beverage is also the founder and operator of Beverage Law PLLC, and previously served as the director of the Department of Banking and Finance of the state of Nebraska.

“In challenging markets with extensive regulatory demands, Endurance Advisory Partners’ work is critical,” said Beverage. “I look forward to joining this group of seasoned professionals as they help guide financial institutions toward success.”

About Endurance Advisory Partners

Founded in 2009, Endurance Advisory Partners has an extensive track record of providing strategic solutions and execution resources to regional and community financial institutions and investors nationwide. Endurance achieves results by leveraging a deep understanding of financial services, regulatory, technology, risk management, corporate finance, and financial markets to help clients develop and execute strategies. Our firm has successfully guided over 70 banks, boards, and investor groups through the execution of complex or operationally challenging strategies and successfully addressing regulatory actions. Our services are highly competitive with the top consulting firms, as we focus on establishing long-term relationships based on successful execution, instead of task-oriented projects. Learn more at


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