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Eltropy Heats Up Webinar Season: Equipping Credit Unions and Community Banks with Powerful Fraud Prevention Strategies

AI-powered fraud prevention and protecting from the impact of rising delinquencies takes center stage in Eltropy's latest webinars 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 13, 2024 – Eltropy, the leading AI-powered conversations platform for community financial institutions (CFIs), is hosting a series of webinars, providing timely guidance on combating fraud and dealing with the impact of rising delinquencies in today's digital landscape.

Equipping CFIs with the Latest Fraud Prevention Techniques

Over the past two days, Eltropy teamed up with industry leaders to deliver informative webinars focused on empowering credit unions and community banks with effective fraud prevention strategies.

  • Preventing Fraud in Digital Channels (June 12): In partnership with TRGroup-The Raiffeisen Group, this session explored the growing threat of fraud in digital channels, such as member phishing scams, inbound contact center scams, and fraud smishing. Eltropy's Director of Solution Services Chris Harline and Jonathan Manousaridis provided insights on how community banks and credit unions can safeguard their members and financial assets.

  • Talk to Our AI Voice Platform: From Porous to Powerful: How to Turn Your Contact Center Into a Fraud-Fighting Machine (June 11): This fireside chat, featuring Ravi Sandipudi, CEO of Effectiv, and Eltropy's Head of Product, Prasad Shrotri, delved into the evolving landscape of fraud prevention within the credit union industry. The discussion covered the limitations of conventional methods and the transformative potential of AI and machine learning technologies.

More Webinars on the Horizon

Eltropy's commitment to knowledge-sharing continues with a series of upcoming webinars designed to address critical industry challenges, including: 

  • CSS Webinar Series: Safeguarding Your Credit Union’s Future (Protecting Members From the Impact of Rising Delinquencies) (June 26): Brianne Gumper of Eltropy will participate in a panel discussion hosted by America's Credit Union (formerly CSS). Barb Lowman, President of CUNA Strategic Services, will moderate a panel of experts who will explore opportunities to protect managers from the impact of rising delinquencies, providing a world-class member experience, while managing expenses using technology and workflow automation. Register for the June 26 webinar here

Stay Informed, Stay Protected

Eltropy encourages credit unions and community banks to register for these informative webinars to gain valuable insights to strengthen their fraud prevention efforts. By leveraging the power of AI and unified communication platforms, CFIs can create a more secure and member-centric financial experience.

About Eltropy

Eltropy is the leading conversations platform for credit unions and community banks (CFIs). Its AI communications tools empower CFIs to communicate, automate, improve operations and engagement, and increase productivity across the institution – all while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Using Eltropy's platform allows credit unions and community banks to connect with and service their members and customers anytime, anywhere via Text, SMS, Chat, Video, Voice — all integrated into a single platform. For more information, please visit


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