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Elevations Credit Union Launches with Alkami's Online Retail, Business and Mobile Banking

Member base will now benefit from Alkami's single platform for retail, business and mobile

PLANO, Texas, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Alkami Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALKT) ("Alkami"), a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the U.S., announced today that Elevations Credit Union ("Elevations") has launched Alkami's online business and retail banking platform. Following a seamless implementation process, Elevations is now leveraging the platform to grow its retail and business portfolio and gain market share.

After beginning its digital transformation journey, Elevations looked for a digital banking vendor to expand and improve its digital banking capabilities. The Alkami Digital Banking Platform provides Elevations' retail and business members with intuitive, self-service tools within a personalized user experience, powered by a dataset rivaling the largest megabanks. Elevations now also benefits from enhanced account opening capabilities, data analytics that can drive improved engagement, and payment fraud prevention. Alkami's comprehensive single platform enables financial institutions like Elevations to drive new account holder growth and cross-sell opportunities while deepening institutional loyalty via reliable, innovative banking services.

After completing the implementation process, Elevations' members were able to seamlessly convert to Alkami's Digital Banking Platform, showcasing its effective and user-friendly characteristics. Elevations is also leveraging SavvyMoney, Alkami's marketing and educational capability, to improve members' financial wellness.

"As a credit union serving communities in Colorado's Front Range, we must keep pace with a member base that is incredibly technologically savvy and open to innovation. It was imperative for us to work with a vendor who matched our strategic approach and digital vision," said Craig Draayer, vice president of digital transformation at Elevations. "Alkami shares Elevations' user interface and user experience principles and emphasis on member engagement, and we know that with Alkami, we will never be in the position of outrunning our vendor. Due to Alkami's expertise and tried-and-true best practices, this implementation was one of the best I have seen in my career. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Alkami in the future as we roll out more industry-leading offerings for our members."

"Elevations understands that business growth is inextricably linked to innovation for financial institutions. We are proud to deliver the digital banking capabilities that will enable them to compete in an expanding market and empower their members with user-friendly solutions to navigate their financial portfolio," said Jeff Chen, vice president, product management at Alkami. "The success of Elevations' launch with our platform also demonstrates the business value of investing in technology with intuitive user experiences, allowing institutions like Elevations to devote more time to personalized human interactions with members focused on their financial journey."

About Alkami

Alkami Technology, Inc. is a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the United States that enables clients to grow confidently, adapt quickly, and build thriving digital communities. Alkami helps clients transform through retail and business banking, digital account opening, payment security, and data analytics and marketing solutions. To learn more, visit

About Elevations Credit Union

Elevations Credit Union empowers its members and the communities it serves along Colorado's Front Range with financial solutions and education. In addition to offering a broad portfolio of consumer and business banking services, Elevations is the No. 1 credit union residential mortgage lender in Colorado. Founded in 1952 as the U. of C. Federal Credit Union in Boulder, the organization has grown from 12 members and less than $100 in assets to over 176,000 members, more than 580 local employees and over $3.4 billion in assets. Learn more at


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