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curated: A Credit Union-Exclusive Experience at Fintech Meetup

By John San Filippo

Exclusive Coverage

Kris Kovacs of Constellation Digital Partners, Brian Kaas of CMFG Ventures, April Clobes of Reseda Group, Chris Otey of CU 2.0 and Nick Evens of Curql Collective open the event.

On the morning of Wednesday, March 22, 2023, during the final day of the Fintech Meetup conference at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, credit union attendees were invited to a special credit union-only event called “curated.” This unique event was co-sponsored by Curql Collective, Constellation Digital Partners, CMFG Ventures, CU 2.0 and Reseda Group. The intent was to bring together credit union technologists with fintechs seeking to expand in the credit union space. Finopotamus was the only credit union publication onsite to cover this important event.

Case Studies

The format was straightforward. On the main Collaboration State, fintechs and their credit union customers took turns presenting case studies of their respective successes. The six case studies presented on the Collaboration Stage were:

Live Demos

For attendees more interested in seeing product demonstrations than hearing about case studies, there were four rooms adjacent to the main ballroom (where the Collaboration Stage was located), each with its own theme. The demonstration rooms featured the following presenters:

The Borrowing Room

The Member Experience Room

The Infrastructure Room

The Financial Wellness Room

Because all five venues were on the same schedule – new sessions starting every 30 minutes – it was easy for attendees to slip from one venue to another, creating a customized attendee experience.

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