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CU 2.0’s Forthcoming ‘Brainstorm Event’ to Cover AI, Crypto, Data Analytics and CEO Strategies

By W.B. King

In what will be its third installment, CU 2.0’s “Brainstorm Event,” which takes place virtually on January 20, 2022, is poised to attract over 500 credit union and fintech attendees.

“The Brainstorm Event is dedicated to the most pressing issues and technologies facing the credit union industry in 2022,” said CU 2.0’s Creative Director Zeke Hudson. He added that this event will be the largest to date with approximately 60% of attendees coming from credit unions and the balance from fintechs. “We’ll cover anything from strategies to combat the labor shortage to crypto and blockchain opportunities for credit unions.”


Billed as a “virtual, no cost event,” registration is required. Over a four-hour period, the event will feature six “hot topics” with “panels of some of the most dynamic thought leaders in the credit union, CUSO and fintech space,” Hudson said. Prior attendees, presenters and sponsors included Nusenda Credit Union, Best Innovation Group, FlexPay, FinnAI, Scienaptic AI and CUNA Strategic Services, among others.

Forward-looking Conversations

The six topics offered are voted in by CU 2.0 Mastermind, a group of 75 influential credit union and fintech executives, Hudson explained. Spirited and forward-looking conversations will likely cover a myriad of topics, including artificial intelligence, marketing, data analytics and digital strategies/transformations, he added.

“Last time, we had some very lively and informative Q&A sessions. This time, we’re incorporating more discussion time so that more attendees can join the discussion,” Hudson said.

After the “monumental shift in workplace culture, technologies, and strategies over the last two years,” Hudson adds that it’s “imperative that credit unions think about which changes are permanent, which trends are accelerating, and which solutions will meet member needs and expectations.”

As was the case with previous events, the upcoming Brainstorm Event is “designed to equip credit unions with the knowledge and resources to approach these changes confidently and in a timely manner,” Hudson offered.

“The purpose is to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our industry, to provide expert thought leadership thereon, and to begin solving those issues collaboratively,” Hudson continued. “At the very least, we want to drive conversations around these subjects.”

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