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British Scale Ups Ekko And Primis Join Forces To Help Businesses Deliver Sustainable Insights For Shoppers

Embedded sustainability fintech, ekko has partnered with Primis, the leading customer experience solution. The move will embed greater sustainability across the post-purchase customer experience, providing customers with more visibility into the environmental impact of purchases.

Using ekko’s technology, Primis can now enhance the post-purchase consumer experience for users of some of the country’s largest delivery businesses, including Evri. Despite many carriers offering carbon-conscious options such as parcel drop-offs at shops, customers have lacked accurate tracking of their post-purchase environmental impact. This partnership provides customers with greater insights into the real environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, enabling them to embrace sustainability in their lifestyles.

As two British scale-up companies, ekko and Primis share a mission to lead in sharing technological ideas to address challenges faced by consumers. This partnership exemplifies how innovative UK scale-up technology companies can collaborate to build long-term, planet-positive impacts in society. Given Primis's extensive network of businesses and the quality of the new solution, this introduction is expected to have a significant impact.

An efficient post-purchase phase is crucial for a positive customer journey, involving branded communications from purchase to delivery. By integrating sustainability into this process, the customer experience is enhanced, along with increasing brand activation. Through the partnership, merchants can offer customers options like carbon offsetting purchases, leaving reviews for tree planting, or referring friends to reduce plastic waste.

Furthermore, this high-level, data driven approach allows retailers to deliver the most engaging customer experience, with a proven increase in open rates by up to 95%. Now, credible and traceable sustainability metrics can be used as a tool to fuel customer engagement and drive repeat purchases, increasing brand transparency and overall consumer trust.  This also poses an opportunity for brands with ESG targets to connect with customers and pique their interest into the wider global issue of climate change, and it is hoped that this will encourage long-term, climate positive behaviours.

Commenting on the partnership, Oli Cook, CEO and Co-Founder of ekko, stated: “The post-purchase phase presents an opportunity to engage with online customers and embed sustainability into eCommerce practices. ekko is pleased to partner with Primis to revolutionise the post-purchase journey and highlight the environmental impacts of purchasing decisions.”

Rebecca Griffiths, CEO and Founder of Primis, added: “Primis and ekko are committed to transparency around the environmental impact of online shopping. By incorporating ekko’s technology, we fulfil this need and deliver a service that could potentially impact millions.”

Given their shared vision, the ekko and Primis partnership appears to be a long-term arrangement, with both companies poised for significant growth in 2024. Through collaboration to provide engaging consumer experiences that positively impact the world, these innovators are set to make a global difference.

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