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Avivatech Announces XpressControlTM Software as a Hosted Solution

Driving Automation and Streamlining Cash Management in Retail and Cannabis

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Aug. 15, 2023 – Avivatech LLC, an innovative software business specializing in cash and check automation solutions for branch banking and retail payment environments, announced today its plans to launch XpressControl software as a cloud-based, hosted solution. This transformative offering will empower retailers and cannabis businesses to access Avivatech's advanced cash automation software solutions through a convenient subscription, significantly reducing the need for upfront investment and elevating cash management processes.

This offering will revolutionize cash automation for retail and cannabis businesses by providing a complete and secure solution with SaaS licenses and flexible subscription payment plans, so businesses can more easily adopt cash automation. Avivatech takes care of seamless implementation and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Avivatech’s new cloud-based solution will boost efficiency for businesses and accounting teams alike by offering a multi-tenant architecture that is designed to ensure enhanced data security and an intuitive Managed Service Dashboard which automates critical tasks.

“Our hosted solution and subscription model will alleviate the need for significant upfront time and investment,” said Jeff Hempker, President, Avivatech. “Customers leveraging our new-model will improve ROI not only from cost savings, but also in increased transparency into cash-in-drawers along with deep insights from improved reporting capabilities.”

By utilizing Avivatech’s XpressControl software as a hosted solution, retailers and dispensaries gain the ability to integrate and automate cash management and mitigate the cost of additional support staff. The use of XpressControl software as part of the bundle arms retail management with detailed analytics and insights, as well as actionable alerts, delivered through an intuitive dashboard. This creates an environment that automates balancing, reconciliation and other critical back-office tasks so that they are quick, accurate and efficient.

About Avivatech

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., Avivatech LLC is dedicated to transaction automation software. Formed from the software groups of Digital Check Corp. and Benchmark Technology Group, Inc., Avivatech possesses unparalleled expertise in cash and check automation workflows. For more information, visit

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