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Arteria AI Taps Goldman Sachs Veteran Donna Mansfield To Drive Growth

NEW YORK – Sept. 19, 2023 – Continuing its impressive growth trajectory, Arteria AI, an award-winning global leader in enterprise digital documentation infrastructure, today announced Donna Mansfield will be joining the company as a new Strategic Account Director, further bolstering its team of industry-leading, experienced financial experts.

A respected, recognized and dynamic leader, Mansfield brings almost three decades of deep financial industry expertise to Arteria AI. During her previous work with Goldman Sachs, where she spent the vast majority of her distinguished career and was a Managing Director, she served in numerous key positions focused on transformative technologies and documentation, including as a Managing Director, Compliance Legal and Conflicts (CLC) Solutions and Digital Transformation, and as a Managing Director, Global Manager Derivative Documentation and Policy Group.

As a financial industry expert with a proven track record of managing business relationships and enterprise-scale projects, Manfield’s first-hand industry knowledge and insights allowed her to successfully build teams that deliver and implement the right innovative digital transformation strategies and core process solutions that solve for the needs of today’s financial institutions.

Manfield’s experience as a solutions buyer has given her exceptional insights into the needs and pressures of today’s financial institutions. In her new role at Arteria, she will continue to build and foster client relationships, sharing their vision and serving as a partner and champion to ensure seamless integrations that meet their needs, overcoming challenges and bottlenecks through the full transformative journey from the beginning to successful implementations.

“My experience as a direct buyer in the financial services industry has given me a deeper understanding and firsthand insights into what a client actually needs to ensure that their business needs are met,” said Mansfield. “As someone who has lived and breathed financial services, an end-user, and someone with a mandate to drive digital transformation, Arteria embodies what I looked for in a technology partner. They truly listen to their clients, and they have the commitment and flexibility to ensure that the unique requirements of those users are actually implemented. It’s what makes the company and its solution so extraordinary, and what led me to want to be part of this impressive team.”

“We are excited to have Donna officially join our team,” said Shelby Austin, Co-founder and CEO of Arteria AI. “Her in-depth knowledge of technology transformation and documentation-related initiatives and deep experience from the buyer's perspective will be extremely instrumental in ensuring we continue to deliver the best documentation experiences tailored to meet the needs of our clients even as they evolve.”

Arteria AI’s platform has been deployed at some of the world’s largest, top-ranked financial institutions, and was recently included in the CB Insights AI 100, listing the most promising private AI companies across the globe. The company remains committed to empowering its clients by providing them with fast, intelligent document processing capabilities that streamline their operations, reduce inefficiencies, provide valuable insights, enhance compliance and improve their overall documentation experience.

About Arteria AI

Powered by data, Arteria AI is trusted by the world’s largest banks to transform client document processes at enterprise scale – working smarter and faster to maximize revenue and save time and cost. Arteria AI's client documentation solution removes the need for legacy manual processes by structuring data during the documentation lifecycle to speed up decision-making processes for all stakeholders with a highly intuitive front-end.

Built by subject matter experts, data scientists and technologists, and recently included in the CB Insights AI 100 rankings, Arteria AI's solution unleashes the power of data to help global, regulated financial institutions solve client document complexity at scale. Adopting an innovative data-first approach, our AI-powered enterprise-ready solution takes the friction out of the paper trail.


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