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Aequilibrium Develops Groundbreaking VR Training Program for Ent Credit Union

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Aequilibrium, an award-winning digital consulting and implementation services company, announces the launch of a revolutionary virtual reality (VR) training program designed for Ent Credit Union, a leading credit union serving Colorado’s Front Range. This collaboration leverages the latest in VR technology to enhance the skills and effectiveness of Member Service Representatives (MSRs).

Ent Credit Union sought to innovate and improve the training experience for its MSRs. Aequilibrium provided a training solution that combines VR and Al to transform the learning process, making it more engaging, realistic, and effective.

Traditional role-playing exercises, while beneficial, often suffer from scalability and consistency issues. Recognizing these challenges, Aequilibrium employed an agile methodology and a design thinking approach to develop a VR training program that offers a dynamic and user-centric solution. This program addresses these issues and introduces a more effective way to develop the soft skills necessary for leading successful sales conversations.

The VR training program distinguishes itself with several key innovations:

  1. Realistic Sales and Customer Interaction Scenarios: Through lifelike scenarios, MSRs practice and refine their communication, problem-solving and sales techniques, preparing them for various real-world situations.

  2. Active Engagement: The program emphasizes learning through doing. Trainees become actors in their training, engaging directly with the content, which enhances learning retention and application.

  3. High Realism: Utilizing characters and environments modeled after actual customer research, the training closely mirrors the real-life experiences of Ent Credit Union's MSRs, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of the customer service process.

"We are excited to see the impact of our VR training program at Ent Credit Union. This initiative is a testament to Aequilibrium's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create meaningful and effective learning experiences. By pushing the boundaries of traditional training methods, we are not only enhancing the skill set of MSRs but also setting a new standard for training programs across industries," says Adrian Moise, CEO of Aequilibrium.

Aequilibrium's partnership with Ent Credit Union represents a leap forward in using technology to enhance employee training. This VR training program improves the proficiency and confidence of MSRs and sets a new benchmark for training within the financial services industry, demonstrating Aequilibrium's commitment to innovation and excellence.

About Ent Credit UnionFounded in 1957, Ent, Colorado's largest credit union, has been consistently ranked as one of Colorado's best credit unions by many publications, including being named one of the best regional credit unions of 2024 by Newsweek. Ent, a not-for-profit financial, community-chartered credit union is committed to improving members' financial quality of life with better rates, lower fees and unparalleled products and services. With nearly $10 billion in assets, Ent serves more than 550,000 members at more than 56 convenient service centers across the Front Range. Ent is an Equal Housing Opportunity and Equal Opportunity Lender, insured by the NCUA. Visit for more.

About AequilibriumAequilibrium is an award-winning digital consulting and implementation services firm that provides technology solutions for credit unions, banks, and fintechs. We provide strategy, experience design, integration, and custom development services to drive member empathy, loyalty, and growth for our clients. Our XR services include VR training for financial institutions, virtual branches, and digital twins.


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