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Zero Circle and Epic River Launch Alliance to Accelerate Green Financing


  • SaaS services integrate to reduce complexity and increase access to green capital

  • Alliance increases speed and reduces costs to originate and close loans

  • New solution addresses multi trillion-dollar underserved market

  • Helps companies and communities meet sustainability goals


FORT COLLINS, Colo., Apr. 23, 2024Epic River and Zero Circle today unveiled an alliance to integrate their digital platforms, aiming to accelerate the process of securing green financing. This collaboration brings together Epic River's lending-as-a-service platform, which connects financial institutions with unique and local community lending opportunities, and Zero Circle's green finance marketplace, designed to streamline access to green capital for mid-tier organizations.


Epic River's platform, known for supporting online applications, electronic signing, and remote ID verification and notarization, will now deliver qualified green financing opportunities to its network of community bank and credit union lenders. This integration is expected to facilitate a more efficient loan application process for those seeking green financing.


Zero Circle has developed a platform that automates the sustainability evaluations and reporting for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), simplifying their access to green financing. By automating the tracking and reporting of a company's carbon footprint and financial key performance indicators (KPIs), Zero Circle intends to make the prequalification process for green loans more accessible, encouraging SMBs to pursue sustainable and net-zero operations.


The collaboration is set to enhance the availability of green financing by leveraging the integrated capabilities of both platforms. For customers seeking either traditional or green financing, Zero Circle will refer loan opportunities to community financial institutions or to a network of more than 2,000 participating lenders through Epic River's lending platform. This alliance is strategically positioned to expedite the green financing process, particularly benefiting SMBs.


Allied Market Research emphasizes the importance of this partnership in light of a growing sustainable and impact investment market projected to reach $22.5 trillion by 2031, with a CAGR of 20%. This growth trajectory highlights the increasing movement towards environmental and societal sustainability within the financial industry.


"Green financing is relatively new and complex,” said Hemanth Setty, founder and CEO of Zero Circle. “By teaming up with Epic River, we aim to simplify the process for both loan seekers and lenders, thereby facilitating access to green loans and supporting companies' environmental sustainability initiatives."


“Our mission is to empower community banks and credit unions with new loan opportunities to fuel their growth,” said Jeff Grobaski, founder and CEO of Epic River. “Collaborating with Zero Circle enables us to now offer a new solution with an exceptional suite of tools and resources to help our network of lenders tap into the high-growth green financing market. Our alliance reinforces our dedication to deliver innovative solutions that enable financial institutions to support the customers and communities they serve.” 


As the market and regulatory landscape continues to evolve, Zero Circle and Epic River are committed to exploring new opportunities and requirements that support the advancement of green finance.


About Epic River

Epic River is a lending-as-a-service platform provider serving community banks, credit unions, small businesses, healthcare providers and patients. The platform delivers online applications, electronic signing, and remote ID verification and notarization, facilitating a seamless end-to-end lending process. Epic River also helps its partners find and capture new loan volume through patient lending, green energy loans and point of sale financing opportunities.


Click here to learn more about Epic River or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Zero Circle

Zero Circle is a green finance marketplace that simplifies access to green capital for mid-tier businesses. Its AI-powered platform streamlines sustainability assessments and reporting and automates financial key performance indicators (KPIs) to incentivize green financing. The company helps its customers finance and build sustainable practices by tracking, managing, and reporting sustainability and financial performance with lenders, partners and customers.


Click here to learn more about Zero Circle or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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