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The Voices of Money20/20: Prologue

By John San Filippo

Representing Finopotamus, I attended Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas from October 24 through October 26. The 2020 live conference was, of course, canceled, so I can only compare this event to 2018 and 2019.

While the conference format appeared about the same (e.g., gigantic exhibit hall, tons of sessions, nice media lounge, etc.), attendance was understandably lower than it was in pre-pandemic years. I seem to remember an estimate of more than 16,000 attendees in 2019, while there were around 7,500 attendees this go-around, according to Money20/20. Be that as it may, 7,500 is still a lot of people to cram into the Venetian Convention Center. The event looked well-attended and compliance with the State of Nevada indoor mask mandate was mostly uniform.

In 2018 and spilling over to 2019, Money20/20 was dominated by blockchain and cryptocurrency. These are still important topics, but this year’s conference, thankfully, seemed more balanced. There wasn’t any single topic that drowned out all others.

I was so busy while I was there, I hardly spent any time in the exhibit hall and I wasn’t able to attend a single session. I made the trek to Sin City to talk with the people who are moving the financial technology industry forward. In that respect, Money20/20 was a huge success for me and for Finopotamus.

Below is a list of people I interviewed at Money20/20, in alphabetical order (by company). Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing write-ups on each interview. This series will be called The Voices of Money20/20. While you’re waiting for these gems to start rolling off the virtual presses, you can read my comments on the conference by visiting Finopotamus on LinkedIn.

  • Arcady Lapiro, CEO, Agora

  • Kevin Gosschalk, CEO, Arkose Labs

  • Derik Sutton, VP of Marketing, Autobooks

  • Marc Vaughn, Sales Director, BHMI

  • Farrell Hudzik, EVP, Cardlytics

  • Chris Appie, President, Compliance Systems

  • Anil Goyal, President, Corserv Solutions

  • Barry Kirby, SVP, Cunexus

  • Craig McLaughlin, CEO, Finalytics.AI

  • Dave Hunkele, Strategy Advisor, FINBOA

  • Jake Tyler, CEO, FINN.AI

  • David Mclninch, SVP, Fiserv

  • Rick DeLisi, Lead Research Analyst, Glia

  • Nicole Harper, Senior Corp. Strategy Analyst, Jack Henry & Assoc.

  • Martina Schubert, CTO, LenderClose

  • Johanna Pugh, Managing Director North America, Mambu

  • Vladimir Lounegov, CEO, Mbanq

  • Crystal Anderson, VP of Product, MX

  • Jim Kern, CSO, Payrailz

  • Heang Chan, CEO, Prelim

  • Dakota Patsfield, Account Executive, Scienaptic AI

  • Pankaj Jain , President, Scienaptic AI

  • Corey Gross, CEO, Sensibill

  • Jacqueline L. White, President-Americas, Temenos

  • Bradley Tompkins, CIO, Vergent LMS

  • Mike de Vere, CEO, Zest.AI

  • Bhavin Turakhla, CEO, Zeta


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