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The Nebraska Credit Union League And Cucollaborate Announce Strategic Partnership

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

League and affiliate credit unions will now have access to CUCollaborate's software to help highlight their community and member impact.

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 7, 2023: The Nebraska Credit Union League (NCUL) and CUCollaborate have recently entered into a strategic partnership to support the mission and growth of credit unions in the state.

Through this partnership, the NCUL and CUCollaborate will seek to help credit unions reach more members through expanded fields of membership, government programs (CDFI Certification and Low-Income Designation), membership impact analytics, and member acquisition technology.

“The League is pleased to announce its partnership with CUCollaborate. We actively seek mutually beneficial relationships that leverage collective strengths and create synergistic solutions capable of helping our member credit unions grow and prosper. This is one such partnership,” said league president & CEO Scott Sullivan. “CUCollaborate has a proven track record of providing credit unions with access to new markets, expansion strategies, and growth opportunities without having to invest heavily in market entry tactics.”

“Our partnership with the Nebraska Credit Union League will advance the people helping people mission of credit unions in the state,” added Sam Brownell, founder and CEO of CUCollaborate. “The league system is the critical voice of the credit union movement—true collaboration in action. We seek to support our league partners through advocacy tools and resources that highlight the impact of credit unions’ cooperative model.”

Inside the Partnership

Through strategic partnerships, credit union leagues gain exclusive access to AnalyzeCU impact reporting and demographic software which utilizes several data sets to showcase the value of credit union membership within their communities.

Affiliated credit unions of CUCollaborate’s league partners can likewise leverage the AnalyzeCU platform, including access to impact reporting, demographic software, and a CDFI prequalification dashboard to help effectively integrate mission and margin.

The NCUL and CUCollaborate will be hosting a joint webinar for Nebraska credit unions on Thursday, September 14 at 10 a.m. CT, to provide instruction as to how affiliates can take advantage of this new partnership.

About CUCollaborate CUCollaborate is a challenger consultancy that champions credit union growth through disruptive innovation. The company’s aim is to help credit unions adapt, grow, and succeed long term by offering the innovation, insight, and know-how to help them do it.

About NCUL The Nebraska Credit Union League is committed to driving positive change and fostering the success of member credit unions through effective advocacy, knowledge sharing, and strategic collaboration. We aim to shape a legislative, regulatory, and policy environment that empowers members to achieve financial excellence, support economic growth, and contribute positively to the communities they serve.


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