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The Family Credit Union Partners With...

...Greater Omaha Packing to Offer On-Site Financial Services to Employees

Credit union to open full-time branch inside Greater Omaha Packing facility

OMAHA — The Family Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial cooperative headquartered in Iowa, has announced its partnership with Greater Omaha Packing (GOP), a beef processing plant based in Omaha, Nebraska to provide on-site financial services for employees.

Employees at GOP face unique challenges when accessing financial services because many live out of the area or work long hours and weekends. With the addition of an on-site branch, they can do their banking business where they spend most of their day.

Established in 1920, Greater Omaha is a family-based company with almost 1,900 employees. Through the new partnership, The Family will be able to serve these employees and their families as a new Select Employee Group (SEG). This will be The Family’s tenth credit union branch and its second branch inside a plant.

“At The Family Credit Union, our roots date back to 1935 when we first began serving members inside the Oscar Mayer plant, formally Kohrs Meat Packing, in Davenport, Iowa,” said Dave Hulsbrink, CEO of The Family Credit Union. “We understand the unique needs of a workforce like Greater Omaha’s, and are proud to open a branch inside the plant to ensure members have on-site financial help during their work shifts.”

The branch is scheduled to open April 3rd with two full-time employees, including one employee who can also speak Spanish. The temporary office will be located in the HR office space, then will be moved to a permanent location when office construction is complete toward the end of this year.

“We chose The Family Credit Union to join us onsite because they are familiar with a workforce like ours and are the best in the market. We have seen this partnership in action before, and it is truly a significant benefit to be offered. Not only will it offer convenient access to services during our working hours, but it will provide many competitive things compared to what team members would get locally,” said Moshine Gdid, Vice President of Human Resources at Greater Omaha Packing. “We aim to ensure that all our team members benefit from their services. No more external pay cards with big fees to those team members who don’t have a bank, no more ATM fees, unfavorable loan rates, and most importantly, no worry about leaving before the bank closes because everything will be onsite for easy access.”

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