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The 2024 Tekkie Awards: Nominations Open January 2

By Finn O’Potamus


In 2023, the annual Finopotamus Tekkie Awards recognized amazing credit union technologies that greatly enhanced the member experience. As a reminder, here are your 2023 winners and their respective categories.



In 2023, as in the past, Tekkie categories focused on specific technologies. For 2024, however, the categories will have more of a functional focus. Specifically, the 2024 Tekkie Award categories are:


  • Member Growth. For credit unions that have leveraged technology to attract and retain members, with measurable results.

  • Revenue Growth. For credit unions that have realized greater revenue by effectively applying technology, again with measurable results.

  • Increased Efficiency. For credit unions that have measurably lowered expenses and/or boosted productivity using technology.

  • Innovation. Crossing all categories, this award is for credit unions that have stepped ahead of their peers in identifying and applying a unique technology stack.

  • Game Changer. This award recognizes a vendor collaboration with one or more credit unions to deploy a particular product that proved to be a true game changer.

  • People Helping People. For credit unions that exemplify the “People Helping People” philosophy in community development, financial educational services, small business growth, assistance programs or other ways that support their members and/or communities.

  • Tech CUSO of the Year.  For technology-focused CUSOs in recognition of their continued contribution to the advancement of credit union technology.


Nominations for the 2024 Tekkie Awards will open January 2, 2024, and will close March 29. Updated information, as well as the nomination form, will be posted here.


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