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SRM Announces Former NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood to Join International Advisory Board

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Mar. 4, 2024 - SRM (Strategic Resource Management), a trusted advisory firm serving financial institutions globally, announced that former National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Chairman Rodney E. Hood is joining the company's diverse and growing international advisory board.

Hood, a well-known regulatory leader and a staunch advocate for economic empowerment and financial inclusion, brings over three decades of financial services expertise to his SRM board role. Additionally, Hood has represented the U.S. credit union industry at conferences and summits across the globe, was named a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and has cultivated lasting relationships with regulators in South America, Africa, and Europe.


"I've had the pleasure of knowing Rodney Hood for many years and couldn't be happier and more honored to have him join the International Advisory Board at SRM," said Brad Downs, SRM's Chief Executive Officer. "Rodney's deep understanding of the financial institution C-suite, passion for fintech and innovation, and general enthusiasm for the worldwide client base we serve is unmatched. He will be invaluable as an advisor."

Hood served two critical tenures at the NCUA, with his first leadership role beginning in 2005 when former President George W. Bush nominated him to serve as Vice Chairman. In 2019, he became the Eleventh Board Chairman of the NCUA, becoming the first Black American to lead a regulatory agency in banking and finance. While Chairman, Hood established the NCUA's first Office of Financial Technology and Access. He continued as an NCUA board member from January 2021 through January 2024. Additionally, he has served as Chairman for NeighborWorks America, a congressionally chartered nonprofit providing affordable housing access to communities nationwide.


"SRM cares greatly about the operational sustainability of its clients. They're much more than a negotiator to the executives I speak with – they're a trusted collaborator from the boardroom to the branch," noted Rodney Hood. "SRM's 30-year track record, long-term vision, and diverse group of thought leaders on the advisory board compelled me to accept this invitation. I look forward to contributing to the company's – and the industry's – continued success."

About SRM

SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has helped 1,000+ financial institutions add more than $5 billion of value to their bottom line in areas such as payments, digital transformation, core processing, digital assets, and overall operating efficiency. For 30+ years, SRM has lowered costs, created revenue opportunities, increased productivity, and provided a competitive edge for clients in an environment of constant and accelerating change. Visit for more information and follow us on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) for timely and relevant insights.


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