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Senso Connects Credit Unions and Fintechs through CUCopilot, the First Generative AI Powered Network for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

[Toronto, Canada]: Shortly after the launch of ChatGPT, Senso and CU 2.0 announced CUCopilot,  an industry-specific network, powered by the Senso Platform, which enables credit unions and fintechs to collaboratively lead the transition towards an AI-first industry.

Seven credit unions joined CUCopilot since the Summer of 2023 to pave the way for the industry, and Senso has been working collaboratively with them over the last year to discover new ways to deliver impact.  Senso’s innovative platform has demonstrated success in helping credit unions to coordinate front and back office resources to work with unstructured data in a completely new way.  Several exciting opportunities have emerged for credit unions:

  1. Industry Standards - Transforms credit union policies and procedures into standards which can be searched and executed across an organization and industry.

  2. Fintech User Guides - Discover and search across a network of fintechs building solutions which drive operational efficiency.

  3. Voice of the Member - Store and access digital memory across all member interactions to allocate and prioritize resources and respond to member feedback faster.

"Word processors revolutionized office work nearly five decades ago, but today's needs demand more advanced solutions. Senso has developed an innovative way for front and back office staff to manage and work with information," says Saroop Bharwani, Co-founder of Senso. "When we began our collaboration with credit unions last year, we realized that Generative AI models have immense potential to enhance efficiencies for credit union staff, members, and the entire industry."

Credit unions are realizing significant efficiencies when embedding the Senso Platform across their organizations.

  1. Trustone Financial white-labeled Senso's platform and launched it across hundreds of staff members.  Member wait time has decreased by 5x as a result of reduced back office calls.

  2. One Nevada Credit Union uses Senso’s platform to respond to member feedback and address issues in real time. 

  3. Central Willamette is leveraging Senso to standardize vendor user guides to improve training and search capabilities for critical software applications. 

  4. Maps Credit Union, Suffolk Credit Union, NIH Federal Credit Union, and Oswego County Federal Credit Union are also working collaboratively to align the system with their operations. 

Senso has been taking a collaborative approach with the ‘original 7’ credit unions to tailor its system to address the industry’s most pressing challenges.  After completing Y Combinator W24 in April, Senso has also started to engage leading Fintechs in the CU 2.0 network to connect credit unions with other innovative solutions. 


Kirk Drake, CEO of CU 2.0 and author of Financial: Helping Financial Services Executives Prepare for an Artificial World, said, “this is an incredible opportunity for credit unions and fintechs to work together. Collaborative learning and real-time product development is creating a win-win-win environment. The ability to get dynamic, immediate feedback for fintechs while simultaneously ushering credit unions into the future is outstanding!”  


He also noted that CUCopilot already solves a common barrier to more productive fintech partnerships with credit unions: “we noticed that fintechs often face challenges in making user guides searchable during discovery and post onboarding. Senso standardizes these guides for onboarding and customer success, allowing credit unions to easily search and access Fintech solutions via the CUCopilot network.”

CUCopilot is accepting new credit unions to its network at 

Credit unions can download Senso and CU 2.0’s Credit Union AI Policy at 

About CUCopilot 

The CUCopilot network is a growing network of credit unions collaborating to build a shared source of knowledge and intelligence for the credit union industry.  Our guiding principles are to save valuable time across your credit unions, educate your staff on how to become AI-first knowledge workers, and to enable collaboration with a group of industry leaders.

About Senso

The Senso Platform sets a new standard for consuming and sharing information.  Since 2017, Senso has been enabling organizations to leverage the power of AI to improve business performance and drive efficiencies across sales and support channels.  Since the commercialization of LLMs, the cost of intelligence has reduced, and new means of interacting with data are emerging.  Senso’s AI-Powered Knowledge Engine enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and data collaboration using generative AI.

About CU 2.0

CU 2.0 is a digital consultancy with a mission to increase credit union market share through fintech partnerships. For fintechs, CU 2.0 provides coaching, guidance, and opportunities for credit union connections. For credit unions, CU 2.0 offers strategic planning, technology workshops, and opportunities for partnerships with and investments in fintech solutions.


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